Winter Style Star: The Snood!

Hands down, my favorite style purchase this winter has been...drumroll please...the snood!  If you love scarves and you love sweaters, then these are for you because a snood is like a delicious combo of the both of them!  Beyond warm and cuddly, these also add a layer of style that help give an outfit extra interest.  I included some of my instagrams (@JackieofSPS to follow) along the side so you can see just a few of the many ways I have been wearing the two I own.  I purchased mine from Loft and Target, but both are no longer available, so I have picked a few nice options out for you below.  These will definitely help get you through the last months of winter!


  1. Definitely with you on this - I always thought a girl couldn't have too many scarves, and now I'm using that as an excuse to collect some snoods. So cozy and cute!

  2. love the snood -- my fur one is my current favorite! xo


  3. I agree! Except I just wish it had a cuter name than snood!! Love that yellow one.

  4. I love the snood (but hate the name LOL) I just don't have a reason to wear it in LA :(