Shopping The Sites: Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale

Time to get set for summer with the Nordstrom's Half-Yearly sale! Up to 40% off (an in some cases I saw 50%) a wide selection of goodies for women and children. I personally love to peruse the accessories for good deals on brands that I am loyal to. I picked out some of my favorites below, including sunglasses from HOH, bags from Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs watches!

Reg $190, Sale $130.65

Reg $145, Sale $108.75

Reg $98, Sale $59.90

Reg $225, Sale $134.98

Reg $250, Sale $149.98

Reg $265, Sale $177.55

Reg $368, Sale $246.56

Reg $398, Sale $266.66

Reg $148, Sale $99.16

Reg $75, Sale $52.26

Reg $135, Sale $103.85


Shopping the Sites: Madewell New Arrivals Picks

Good morning! Sorry for the absence around here. Sometimes life gets so hectic that something has to give, and last week it was blogging. I hope you don't mind when I pop in and out of this space, as I've been trying to find a little more balance in my life. My husband has a new position and schedule at work that has thrown us for a loop, and the girls are growing so fast that I can hardly keep up! Having a six year old and an eight year old has proven to be one of the most challenging years yet, as they are growing into little ladies who now have outside pressures of their own to deal with. I'm seeing how different life is for kids now than when I was little, and I am left wondering - what happened to kids just being kids?  Anyway, I'll end that rant now and get back to what you came here for - some style goodies!

I used to do this thing in middle school and high school when I got my new Delia*s catalogs (anyone remember those? Throwback!) where I would pick my favorite outfit from each page and circle it. I never bought anything, but that pretend shopping was very satisfying to me, and I still do the same with new arrivals from my favorite retailers.  A natural progression I suppose! Only difference is, now I can actually buy the stuff if I want, without mom and dad's permission.

Madewell has some very cute new pieces perfect for casual summer wear and travel. Below are my favorites from their new arrivals.

A flowy white dress is perfect for any occasion. From a summer party, a day at the beach or just when you want to feel light and carefree!

This pretty silk tank looks so crisp paired with white pants. I would add silver sandals and jewelry to complete the look.

I like the more abstract take on leopard in these silk shorts. I definitely need to invest in a pair of silk shorts this summer.

Both a long and short white dress will get you far this summer!

A pretty little adornment to your outfit.

The black and white pattern on these shades is so fun! 

The print on this is so daring, you should check out the close-up over on the website.

A few thin gold rings are just so summery to me. Paired with a pretty mani it is perfection.

Great price for this straw tote considering the leather trim and handles.

Slip on and go sandals are a must, and these will go with anything.

I like the embossed pattern on these. I don't do high heels much anymore, so this is a nice alternative with the chunky heel.


4 Fun Ways to Style Silver Sandals

Yesterday I rounded up some great silver sandal options, all for under $100. I thought it would be fun today to share some outfit ideas created around four of the pairs. All four looks would work for a variety of spring and summer activities. I've also paired each outfit with an Essie polish that I think would make for a great matching pedicure!

I love this look for a daytime date or lunch with friends. 

This would be a cute look for a summer happy hour. Just add a Mojito!

Stripe Crepe Blouse / ON Twill Shorts / Clutch (sorry-total buzzkill on the price)

Pool day! Slip on this silver pair, grab a good book and enjoy!

Here's a cute look to wear on a day trip to the beach.

Which look is your favorite?


Obsessing Over: Silver Sandals!

Usually I'm more of a gold or rose gold person, but I seem to be really drawn to silver lately. There are lots of fun silver sandal options out there and I love the bit of shine they bring to an outfit. What a great and simple way to elevate a rather ordinary outfit! Below are my picks for cute flat silver sandals under $100.

5. Fergalicious "Francie" Flat (Hahaha! This name cracks me up!)
8. Gap Two Strap Sandals (Just ordered these- love them!) 

Which are your faves?


Ulta Haul & Reviews

Last week I made a little visit to my local Ulta. I had decided I was going to treat myself, pre-Mother's Day style, to a few items I had been wanting to try, as well as re-stock some old favorites. Here is what I got and what I thought!

I reviewed this product already in my Spring Beauty Favorites post. It was a sample I received from Birchbox, and I loved it so much I decided to splurge on the full size. It was $45, but there is a lot of product, so I think it will last me at least a good six months. Well worth the price!

This was a re-stock, as I am almost out of my last compact. I really like this powder because it goes on pretty lightly, and just helps buff out any lasting discolorations after applying my foundation. A great topper to help finish off your look.

This was on sale for $1 instead of $7, so I threw this in as a last minute impulse buy. I use a nude liner to help define my lips because I have recently started to notice when I use lipstick it is starting to bleed out a little and feather around my lips. Curse these little signs of age! For a dollar, this little guy gets the job done!

This is also a re-stock on my current concealer. It gives pretty good coverage and doesn't sink into the little creases around my eyes, which I tend to have a problem with. Ugh, what is up with all these little creases and wrinkles lately?

This was another impulse buy. You notice how all the Ulta brand stuff is right by the register while you are waiting in line? They are no dummies! Anyway, I picked these two neutral shades because they were on sale as well for $3 each. I thought they might be comparable to some of my favorite colors in my Naked palette, but they don't even come close. They barely deliver any color at all. I will not be buying any of these again in the future.

These are just fun to use, so I bought a few new "flavors" I didn't already have. Plus my girls love these, so I can never have too many lying around the house. Kara is my little lip balm stealer...if I can't find one, she has probably stashed it in one of her little purses. It's too cute.

A reader recommended this to me after my recent beauty reviews post when I wasn't totally thrilled with the Physicians Formula CC cream. I decided to peep it out while I was at Ulta and tried a little sample on my hand. I loved the way it smelled, almost a lemon cream scent to me, and I liked how it blended in well and felt super smooth. I've used it a few times now and I do really love it. It has good coverage, spf 50, and it leaves me feeling like I don't have any makeup on at all, which is a plus in my book. You should read the description on the Ulta website as to all it is said to do, because the list is loooong! Apparently it was created by a team of plastic surgeons, so there's that. Ha! When finished off with a bit of the NYX powder, it creates the perfect airbrushed look. It was on the pricey side for me, at $38, so I will see how long this tube lasts and decide if I will splurge again in the future. Thanks for the recommendation Renea!

I had been seeing this around a lot and decided to give it a go because I am on the lookout for a new fave mascara. I can't say I'm thrilled with it. The formula is kind of greasy to me, and in a way feels heavy on my lashes, if that makes any sense. Plus removing it is a ridiculous hassle! I have to use eye makeup remover at least three times on each eye for it to seem like most of it is off. Even then I have black residue under my eyes when I wake up in the morning. Not a fan. I might even return it because it was $18. There are far less expensive options that work so much better than this.

This little travel set was 25% off, and I had been eyeing the Pacifica brand for awhile so decided that this was a good deal to try. I love the scent, it is very beachy and summery, but it doesn't have staying power. I would say that after about 30 minutes I can't even tell I have it on. And that is with using both the lotion and the roll-on perfume. The lipstick that came along with it is not a flattering color. There is way too much brown in it, with a hint of shimmer that is just...no. A bit of a disappointment, but I'm keeping it because it was only $13. I carry the roll-on perfume around in my purse, and it is a nice pick-me-up to put on while you are out running around. 

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