Sweet Styling Tips: How to Transition Your Skirts for Fall/Winter Wear!

Don't put away those skirts just yet!  In fact, now is a great time to play around with layering and to come up with fresh and fun ways to wear these breezy bottoms!  Take a cue from these stylish ladies below...


1.  Add a long sleeve tee with a big cozy scarf for warmth up top.
2.  Slip on boots to keep your feet toasty, plus a denim jacket and floppy hat add a boho vibe.
3.  Layer a slouchy sweater over a gauzy skirt, tie with a leather belt and you have a cozy girly look.
4.  A chambray shirt plus leather jacket takes the chic factor up a few notches.

And these key pieces to achieve these looks:

2. Denim jacket, hat, boots (um, major want!)


  1. Great tips! Love the chunky sweater and belt with it! You have great style!

    xo, Christina

  2. Great and fun post! you could even wear it over a dress!


  3. I love these tips, especially the chunky sweater with the flowy skirt! I put a lot of my summer clothes away when it's cold, but my skirts stay--I know I can layer them up in the fall!

  4. great tips -- I always try to get more wear out of my summer items! xo

  5. Great tips, I plan on incorporating all of them with my skirts!!
    xx, amy

  6. That's a great idea :D now I don't have to hide my skirts in the back of my closet until it gets really really cold. Thanks for these tips

    xoxo Minnie


  7. So love this! Such good inspiration. Can't wait to give it a try...although the temps here have dropped to 50 so we will see how daring I am!