Recent Loft Purchases

On Saturday I took advantage of the Loft 30% off sale, as well as my $15 birthday coupon (holla!), and loaded up on some goodies I had been eyeing.  Here is what came home in my bag...

1. Colorblocked Yoke Flounce Dress (aka drop waist)
This is the other dress I tried on (besides this one I mentioned), and is the one that ultimately came home with me. I loved it, and so did my husband, and all dresses must pass the husband test since I only wear them when I am out with him anyway!  I plan to wear this for my birthday dinner.

This has great texture and weight and will be great for layering.  It looks super cute over my next purchase...

I was obsessed with this star print since I first saw it in an ad and am thrilled to have scooped it up.  Granny chic at it's finest my friends.

This cute dot top came in other color combos as well as solids.  I went with the black and white, which is totally my theme this fall!

I haven't really been a fan of sequins on tees for a while now, but these are really subtle and I liked the pattern.  Plus, I had been wanting a baseball-sleeve style tee all summer and never got one, so this makes up for it.

All of this, after the sale and coupon, came in around $160, which is not too shabby.  I like to do a September Loft stock-up every year, it's a bit of a birthday tradition started with my mom a few years ago.  The closest store is about 45 minutes away so that is why I stock up!  Have you made any Loft purchases lately? 


  1. great loft pics -- that store is one of my favorites! xo


  2. Just bought that animal spot T yesterday... so cute!

  3. That dress is so perfect!! Can't wait to see it on you!!!
    xo, amy

  4. The dress is so fun! Great for a birthday - and I decided this year that buying myself a birthday dress is a good annual tradition...

  5. Just bought that same dress! Love your purchases!



  6. I am absolutely in love with the LOFT. I went in one day and everything was half off...ah-mazing. Love, love, love that dress! You are gonna be gorgeous in it! And I love the star print shirt...I got the one in pink but I'm loving this cream one. And the animal print sequins...my heart melted just a little!

  7. I recently bought the tiny stars blouse, too! And fully support celebrating a "birthday month."