Sweet Styling Tips: 4 Summer Wardrobe Pieces You Can Easily Transition to Fall!

As summer temps slowly begin drop, and cool mornings and evenings start to appear, it is time to start thinking of your summer to fall transition wardrobe.  It isn't necessary to drop your summer duds all together, no sir ree bob!  It's as simple as layering a few more items on top, and adding warmer shoes on bottom. 

Below are four pieces you are sure to already own from summer (if not-you can always catch them on great sales right now!), and the new pieces you can layer right on top so you can be nice and cozy when the chill hits.

A classic, easy summer look, right?  Why not layer a  long sweater in a fun navajo print on top, and throw some cute booties on your feet!

Oh, maxi dresses, how I love you so. You allow me to skip shaving my legs in the morning and eat as much as I want at dinner.  In the fall I will simply throw a denim jacket over you, a fun polka dot scarf, and a pair of must-have pointed toe flats. Mmkay?

A flirty little sundress is perfect for summer parties and BBQ's, but what about when the clouds roll in?  Take some of the colors from the dress and add a cute cardigan and tights, then slip on some riding boots! Done!

There is certainly no reason to not wear that plain white tee year round. You can obviously layer it under anything and everything.  Here I have a bright schoolboy blazer (SO need this!), a pair of black leggings, and a great printed loafer!

It's really so easy to throw on a few layers to your summer wardrobe pieces to make them fall appropriate.  With the help of sweaters, leggings, denim jackets, tights, scarves, boots and flats, you can take any piece well into the fall and winter months.  It's all about stretching your wardrobe!


  1. great looks to transition to fall! xo


  2. This is making me get so excited for fall! I love these looks you put together, I totally want to wear the shorts and tank look with a cozy sweater and booties!

  3. Cute! Definitely ready for fall :)

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  4. Love all these fall transitions! All such beautiful and versatile pieces. I just finally got a maxi dress (that one in black, actually) and have been dreaming about pairing it with a denim jacket for fall...

  5. These are such great tips!! Love it!


  6. Such great tips and all of these look like amazing fall outfits that I want to wear! Definitely makes last minute summer buys worthwhile!

  7. Thanks for these transition inspiration ..... Such chic picks!


  8. Great post and inspiration for transitioning into fall!
    xo K