Imagination Vacation: Hawaii! {What to Pack}

This week here on the blog it is all about getting away...on imagination vacations!  We unfortunately don't have any big trips planned this year (not even for our 10 year anniversary in August-boo!) so I am left dreaming the days away, pretending I'm sipping exotic drinks in faraway places.  I even go so far as to plan trips out on Expedia! Ha! Hey, whatever gets you through I guess.  So I am indulging my fantasies a little bit more here on the blog with a week full of getaways- and what I would pack in my dream suitcase!  First stop-Hawaii!

Oh, Hawaii.  I've only vacationed in Maui once nearly ten years ago, with my parents when I was a freshman in college.  I always wanted to go back with my husband-it is the ultimate romantic getaway!  For this trip I would pack pure fun and colorful pieces: flowy dresses, easy tanks, shorts, lots of sandals and sparkly jewels! Aloha!
Foldable Turquoise Sunglasses (foldable glasses!? Love!)

Have you gone anywhere or have any fun trips planned for this summer?  Or if you are like me, where would you go on an "imagination vacation"? Send me your ideas and I will try and incorporate them this week!


  1. I really love that green dress (the link is working though :( ) I have been wanting a high low maxi all summer and if I don't hurry up and snag one I won't be able to wear it! :)

    And Hawaii?!?! Dream come true vacation! Sounds lovely!

    1. I think the green must have sold out online :( Here us a link to a gray one: http://www.target.com/p/mossimo-womens-hi-lo-halter-maxi-dress-assorted-colors/-/A-13989528

  2. I love love love planning "imaginary" vacations! Have you heard of www.duffelup.com? It's the best! I use it to plan all my vacays - the ones in my head and the ones I actually go on in real life :).