What I Wore: Vibrant Thang

A funny thing happened to me at Old Navy the other day.  I was lured in by the siren call of 40% off for cardholders and left with another bag full of neons and nuetrals.  How could I resist this sweater for under $10?? Or these great little shorts for less than $15??

Like I've said before, when something works for me, I tend to play it out until I tire of it and move onto my next victim.  But it's practical for me, ya know? When you go with what works, you save time and money.

That is not to say I don't like taking risks every now and then.  Hey, it was a big risk to wear these shorts seeing as how my legs had not seen the light of day for an entire winter. I think they were just about as shocking as the neon.

Bruno cameo!

So this is what I wore when I met up with Holly over the weekend.  It was super hot and muggy that day, so shorts and sandals were a must!  Holly looked so adorable, rocking her baby bump like the proud mommy-to-be she is.  I didn't have my camera, but I snapped some instas:

When I got home I was telling my husband all about how cute and glowing she was in her pregnancy, and he asked if it made me miss it.  Which is pretty much the exact thing he asks me anytime I gush about any pregnant woman or newborn baby.  My answer is yes and no.  It is sad to think that those experiences are behind me now, but I am very happy with where we are at in our lives.  And I love getting to experience it all again through my friends!  

Outfit details:
sweater-Old Navy
shorts-Old Navy
sandals-Payless {similar}
bag-H&M {similar}
scarf on bag-vintage
watch-Fossil {similar}
bamboo bangle-vintage

Check out Holly's post for her wardrobe details!


  1. love this outfit... don't be surprised if I completely snatch the look! I have a similar sweater/shorts I could use! :) You look darling... WISH it were warm here. You look so fresh and summery!

  2. Adorable Jackie!! I have had my eye on that sweater for a while and I LOVE IT on you!!!

  3. @Jill- Steal away!

    @Jillian-Thanks so much! It is super comfy, and I love that it is lightweight enough to still wear in warmer temps. You should see if your local store still has any-it was on super clearance!

  4. yes you looked adorable and so put together and your legs weren't shocking at all! please!

    "scarf on bag-vintage" OF COURSE! :)

  5. darling outfit and i love the Bruno Cameo!

  6. Great blog! You have adorable style. I love all the pops of color in this outfit.

  7. Love the neon. It makes me want to wear neon! I might have to go look in my closet...

  8. Love the color of your top and how you styled it! And your friend Holly IS glowing:)

  9. Super cute! Love the neon yellow top!