Sweet Picks: Winter Layering Essential: The Vest

A great way to add interest and extra warmth to your winter wardrobe is with a nice warm little vest.  There are so many different styles to choose from, there is bound to be one that fits your style!

The "Puffer":
These are great for more extreme temps, and have a definite sporty vibe.  My two favorite happen to be from Old Navy: love this olive green version and this gray tweed. 

Faux Fur:

 For the more daring fashionista, faux fur is a fun option. (Say that 5 times fast).  Some of the fur vests I see out there can be a bit...much.  These are a bit more my speed.  On the left we have a nice muted gray/brown toned fur with a sweet bow belt for some definition.  In the middle I like the almost striped effect on this black and white fur version.  And to the right we have boho-chic at it's finest with a mongolian(esque) fur vest.  

Sweater Vests:

For a more classic look, a sweater vest is a great option.  
Middle: Fairisle in rust

Mixed Bag:
A few more cute options.

Left: Sherpa lined moto vest I've had my eye on this one for awhile, and bought it over the weekend when it was on may-ja sale at Gap.  There is also a brown and khaki version.
Middle: Utilitarian style...still loving this look.
Right: You can't go wrong with leopard print micro-fleece!

And here are a few great ways you can style your vest this winter:

winter vest styling ideas
Do you like to layer with vests in the winter?


  1. I actually tried both of those vests from Old Navy a couple weeks ago. I loved the material and texture of both, but unfortunately puffy vests like that are not very flattering on me. Gap has some other nice vests as well and a variety of thicknesses to flatter different body types!

  2. Loving the vest look too. Great ideas Jackie!

  3. Fun - my pick was the moto vest that you bought! Maybe some (fashion blogger) gals can pull off the fur vest but you won't catch me in one. A little too much look for me ;)

  4. I am a faux fur gal :) Love my faux fur vests!

  5. I love the vest look, but it's hard to find a vest that fits nicely when you are busty like me. Love faux fur anything!