Monday Morning {P}Inspirations

Hello sweets.  I'm coming down from a rather exciting weekend.  On Saturday we attended a wedding in which my girls were flower girls for the first time. Oh my word that was adorable!! Unfortunately Kara got cold feet at the last minute and wouldn't walk down the aisle (at least it wasn't the bride!) and Natalie had to go at it alone.  But by the end of the ceremony (it was a looong Catholic mass) Kara decided she was all about it and marched back down the aisle with a smug little smile on her face.  And I literally mean marched.  I wish I had got it on video but my mother effing Flip died on me before I got one lick of footage.  It showed half it had half battery power left! Grrrrr.  It's my fault for not charging the dang thing anyway.  Lesson learned.  I did, however get lots of photos, and I am going to have to be a proud mom and show some off I think.  To cap off the exciting weekend we got a new puppy on Sunday!  After lots of research and indecision, we finally went for it and got a Boston Terrier.  It's a boy and we named him Bruno (after my one and only)  and he is so cute it hurts.  We all love him so much already.  He is the little boy I never had!  I may have already went overboard on the skull and camo patterned items.  Couldn't help myself!  Now today I'm gearing up for my mom to come visit for the week!  Posting may be spotty as I will be spending all my time with her, the girls and Bruno livin it up!

Now on with the inspirations...

Love this wall of Wellies as photographed by Heather Bullard in my favorite Mill Valley shop Maison Reve. I need to get back there soon!

Such a great way to capture a family photo!

Would love to make some sweet little hearts like this to hang from the girls' ceiling.

Source: ffyona.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Colored pencil tree trunks. Love art installations like this.

Have a sweet day.


  1. flower girls, puppies, oh my! sounds like a big weekend for sure. cant wait to see some of it!!

  2. That wall of colorful wellies is so fun!!!

    Happy Monday:-)

  3. Those colored pencil tree trunks - how amazing!!