Cozy Up Your Home: Adding Blankets to Your Decor

With the coming of fall it's time to cozy up your home in preparation for lots more cuddling with blankies on the couch, crock-pot stew get-togethers, reading marathons on rainy days, lingering over piping hot coffee on chilly Sunday mornings and the such.  I thought it would be nice to do a little mini-series on the topic here on the blog, so today I am kicking that off with a super simple way to do so: adding some blankets to your decor!

I am a bit of a blanket junkie.  I love them. I can never have enough.  And I hate that in the summer I have to put them all away.  Although I do keep one on the bed because my husband likes to crank the ac down to 40 below on hot summer nights, so I end up needing one regardless the season!  Anyway, blankets are a must for keeping yourself warm of course, but they also add a great layer of texture and depending on the blanket also pattern and color to your room.  I tend to pick blankets in warm tones since they come out in the months when I am craving those color schemes.

There are many ways you can display and organize your blankets, and one of my favorites is the old standby drape-it-over-the-sofa method.

That way they are just within an arms reach when you need one.

I love the look of an old ladder used to hold blankets as well.  This can add great visual impact in a small area since the vertical form doesn't take up too much space.

A basket or crate is another great option for keeping them neatly contained when not in use.

I see these baskets at Target all the time.

Scour local flea markets and antique shops for great vintage crates.

In fact, I am using a basket to hold blankets for use at my party this weekend, and I like the look so much that I am going to be keeping them like that once I bring them back home.  Here is my little group:

Pick a blanket, any blanket!

If you prefer to have them hidden away, you could always store them in an ottoman or vintage suitcase.

So how do you store and/or display your blankets in the fall and winter months?


  1. We are obsessed with blankets too. Each couch has 3 or 4 of them and I keep them sprawled across the back corners, under the throw pillows. Oddly enough, I hate them when I'm in bed. I use a comforter and that's it! No idea why.

  2. Love how they are displayed on the ladder! What a great idea :)

  3. I like your ideas of how to keep them around without being eyesores. We have a snuggie **embarrassed** that I don't know how to keep looking "nice" when it's folded on the couch

  4. I love blankets that look like sweaters...so cozy! Eeeee, I'm so happy for fall! xoShelly

  5. I love the blankets and pillows displayed in the weathered drawers, too cute!