Kitchen Week: Indecisive Much? Rugs & Lighting

One of my may-jah problems is that I go back and forth so many times with my decisions as to the decor of my new and improved kitchen.  I know exactly what I want to do as far as the overall plan goes, but once I get down to picking out all the little details: new rug, new lights, open shelving, paint colors, hardware...I go around and around in circles!  Ironically this is also my favorite part-I have tons of ideas and I get so excited- it's just making the final commitment that is so hard.  One thing I should mention and to keep in mind is that this whole project will be done on a budget-as with everything I do.  I'm no Richie Rich, so I always look for great deals and DIY what I can.

So the mood board I shared with you yesterday is one I made months ago and have been pondering on, but of course now that I am getting into high gear I've found lots of other options I like as well.  Here's just a sampling-a sampling mind you- of my lunacy:


This will go under my dining table (which btw, is looking so good, I am so proud of myself right now and can't wait to share).  It obviously needs to be durable, so I am looking at indoor/outdoor types-no wool or anything like that.  It also needs to be reasonably priced, not only from a budget standpoint, but also because with my two little ones it can and will be trashed in no time.  Here are my top contenders:

This is from Cost Plus and is currently on sale for only $60 for a 4.9' x 6.9' This is a good size for under the table, but could stand to be a bit bigger. It is an outdoor rug, so it will wear well. I like the color because it warms up all the cool colors I have going on so far (remember my family room is open to my kitchen and is a pale blue). Also the large floral brings a nice pattern to the space. Although I'm not quite sold on mixing the cream in this rug with the bright white in my table and chairs.  I was thisclose to driving the 30 minutes to the nearest store that had it in stock (I called around), but backed out at the last second.

Source: wshome.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Then there is this woven cotton rug from Williams Sonoma for $119 for a 6' x 9'.  Better size for the space, and I like that the geometric pattern mimics the patterns of my dining chairs. Again, the color will warm up the space. The azul lover in me is much more drawn to the blue colorway of course. Trying hard not to go there though.

So I was thinking of going along the lines of one of these coral/orangey rugs, but as I was referring back to my inspiration pics, they all are very white, bright, with natural elements and not too much in the way of that color. It obviously isn't what I am naturally drawn to (thank goodness for pinterest, it makes organizing and referring back to inspirations so easy). Which leads me to an all-time favorite safe choice:

The jute rug with a black trim.  Nice and durable, brings great natural texture to the space, the crisp black border looks neat and tidy.  There is a 5' x 8' version at Target for $80.  I ended up buying it yesterday to test it out and see how I like it.  So far so good.  Another bonus is it will match this rug, that I still really love, and would use to place where I stand at the sink:

In return, this rug's gray background ties in great with my newly gray stained dining table, and the plan to stain my island in the same color.

Now onto...


There are several types that I love: nautical inspired, lanterns, and simple glass pendants.

I ran across an unbelievable deal on the Home Depot website that I was at first super excited about:

$48 for the whole she-bang! Brass, nautical inspired, I thought it was a done deal. And there are matching pendants for above the island at only $20/pop:

Seemed like a no-brainer, until the old brain started to actually think about it more.  I made a little mock-up of how it would look with the first two rugs:

Keep in mind-the table is not striped-I know some of you will ask.  It's just the image I'm using to visualize the colors together.

Okay, so I was pondering on this for awhile (before I bought the jute rug), which was now a major departure from my original plan.  The more I looked at the light fixture, the more I realized it was too much for the space visually.  The space for this light is right in the middle of what is basically a great room-the family room is totally open to the kitchen with the dining area in between.  I decided I didn't want it to be such a big presence.  I also realized I want a ginormous stainless steel fridge somewhere down the line and this wouldn't exactly match.  Not that it needs to, but that is how I like it.

Which now leads me to lantern styles:

Which of course the black of these tie into the black trim on the rug I have since bought:
This is feeling much better to me.  So as of now, I am going with a lantern style light for over the dining table.  So here is my final problem of the day: the pendant lights for over the island and sink.  I'm tellin ya it's a tangled web of decisions here people!  Are you still with me, because I really need to get this last tidbit off my chest and ask your advice.  So listen up!

I am in love with this pendant from Ballard Designs:
Only $49 on sale!! It is clean, simple, and I would put one of these cool industrial bulbs in it.

Here is the really awesome part: it has an adapter to plug it into an existing track light, making installation a snap.  Perfect for me, because electrical stuff is way out of my league (as well as my husband's) saving us the cost of labor for installation...only problem is it will only work for my light over the sink, the ones over my island are for plug-in halogen bulbs, which these are not compatable with.  I really want to buy one for over my sink, but then I will have to get something totally different for over my island, making a total of three different lights in one small area.  Is that too much?  I was originally planning on buying the same pendants for both spots.  Or maybe I should scrap the lights over the island and just go with the one over the sink.  HELP!! I'm going crazy with all the decisions. (white whine up in here).

If I go that route, my ideas for over the island are these:

What do you think? Would any go with my other two choices, or is it getting too bright up in here?! Too much dangling decor? Too many clashing styles? Help a girl out in the comments!

I hope you enjoyed this little rant/look inside my crazy decorating brain.  And believe it or not, there is much more where that came from, but this is all I will assault you with for today.


  1. I love the new rug selection and can't wait to see the table!

    Not to confuse matters more, but have you checked Menards for lights? Do you have a Menards? It's kind of a crazy place, but I was in there with Andrew for something and we stopped in the light section and was surprised by the selection. Also, don't forget Craigslist. You could find something super cheap and gaudy gold and spray paint it, that's what we did in our Master Bedroom and love it still a year later!

    If you are working on a budget I would leave the recessed lights above the island - which look really nice. And just go for ONE pendant above the sink. I personally wouldn't stress TOO much about making them match... if you love them and they fit the scheme of the room. They will look great!

  2. I love the jute - it will treat you well!

    I'm liking the round globe pendant in the lower right for above the island if you go with the glass pendant above the sink (which I vote YES on, btw). Glass ties them together but it's not too matchy. Not crazy about the brass ones.

    Oooh, it's going to look so good! Now I'm excited!

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  4. I agree with Maggie and Jill. Love the rug choice. It will be perfect for the space and for the function of your kitchen.

    I think they've both come up with some great solutions. You could leave the recessed lighting for a bit, and add a pendant over the table as one of the last pieces...that way you'll know how everything else looks, and you can find something that will fit in with what you've got going on. Also, I love the top left and the bottom right options for over the table if you end up going that direction. I think either of them would work with the glass pendant over the sink, and they'd also tie in nicely with the trim on the rug. Not getting too matchy-matchy, but not causing a ruckus of their own, either.

    Can't wait to see how it turns out!!!

  5. i would love to know where that globe (bottom right) came from! gorge!

  6. liso-the globe is from west elm