What I Wore-Feathers and Fruitcakes

And by fruitcakes I mean people acting totally loony and not the Christmas treat.  This outfit hails from date night #2 from our "Holy Crap We Have Another Sitter!" week.   It was shaping up to be a pretty uneventful Monday, but then I checked the mail to find the new dress I had ordered from Spotted Moth.  I was super excited, doing the little "I got fun mail!" yelp, running inside to try it on.  Hubby comes in and is like "Hey that's a pretty dress, let's go out tonight so you can wear it.", then I'm like "Fat chance, who is going to babysit at such late notice?", and then he goes "Oh, my cousin had mentioned she could babysit tonight if we wanted" and then I'm all "Hells to the yeah, call that girl up!".  Or something like that.  Now wait, I haven't even got to the fruitcake part yet. That comes later in the evening.  Let me just show you the dress first:

Bam! I know I am assaulting your eyes with my DayGlo skin, I'm sorry.  I'll work on that tan, I promise. So I love gray and I love feathers and I love a bargain, so when I saw this dress for only $35, I threw it right in my virtual cart, no questions asked.  I am super thrilled by the fit and quality for the price.

We decided to go to a nice restaurant for dinner (really the only thing to do around here when you are dressed up), but the one we were hoping to go to ended up being closed since it was a Monday and apparently only losers go out on dates on a Monday night.  So we found another restaurant that was pretty nice, but only problem was they were having some giant "Tax Season is Over Hooray!" kind of party for a bunch of CPA's.  This is where the fruitcake comes in.  Now, before I offend any lovely CPA readers, let me just say, that I am only referring to this particular group of CPA's that we ran into, and not CPA's as a whole. These particular CPA's were all drunk and all loud and all immature (I'm talking shouting about men's genitalia across the bar and cackling incessantly). UGH!! Kind of ruined our nice quiet little date night.  But all was not lost, we managed to have a good time anyway, as those of you with kids know that it is hard to have a bad time when you are free of children responsibilities! 

  It was pretty chilly that evening and even started drizzling a bit, so I busted out my gray soft trench from Gap, which I love on so many levels.  It's so soft and silky and drapey and yummy.  Loves it. The perfect spring cover up.  This may have been my wordiest post ever. I actually have stuff to talk about when I get out into the world!

Outfit deets:

Earrings-Loft {similar}

Date night #3 outfit to come!


  1. Great dress! I love the feather print! Is that GAP trench still in stores? I love it!

  2. The dress is absolutely gorgeous on you, totally rocking it!

  3. Gor-jus! That is a very "Jackie" dress for sure!

  4. Your skin looks lovely as it is :-) Tan is merely optional :-)

    Relatable Style

  5. Love your new dress! The fit is perfect! I can't believe it was only $35! Lucky girl :)

  6. Wow, stunning outfit! I love that dress on you. Who won the Shopbop giveaway???

  7. that dress is seriously FAB! it seems like the kind of thing i would look at on a hanger and this is weird... but man you are rocking it!! looking gorgeous, girl :)

  8. Hey jackie, I commented earlier but other bloggers tell me my comments are going straight to spam folders...uggh! so im here again to see if this works and let you know again, love your rocking dress!!!

  9. Love, luv, luurve, heart that dress! What a bargain!!


  10. Great dress. Perfect with the coat. And perfect that husband views new dress as reason enough to go out.

  11. This is such a lovely look! So soft, drapey and elegant! I love the earrings you paired with the dress. So cute!

  12. Your outfit is great! I love your shoes, your dress, and purse, and everything! :D Very Pretty look!