Adventures in Antiquing: Alameda Finds

Sunday was an absolutely beee-autiful day in Alamada at the Antiques Faire.

The sky was actually that blue.  And people were wearing short sleeves! Just look at that! In February! Myself included, I even got a little sunburn.  But oh, it hurt so good.  Loving the sun. This spot is by far one of my favorite places to be. The view of San Francisco is so lovely, vintage vendors as far as the eye can see and a food court that rivals any home-town festival.  Carne asada tacos? Funnel Cake? Yes please!

I took my favorite peeps with me:

Natalie, representin' Sweetie Pie's logo right after devouring some chocolate drizzled donuts-the evidence still on her face.

And DJ Jazzy Kara. What up yo? What, you eyeballin my chicken fingers? I don't think so man, go getcha own!

The donuts are how I got Natalie excited to come.  If you go, you must look for the mini donut stand.  They know how to do them up right!
  The same guy was there making them as last time too.  He's crazy. But super nice.

Sadly, with the girls being there I didn't get any more pictures.  All my spare time was spent keeping them happy and entertained.  

I did manage to find a few goodies while there.  I didn't bring too much money this time, I knew I wouldn't be able to get that into with the girls tagging along.

My haul:

I have a thing for vintage costume jewelry.  I found some fun little items to add to my collection.

If you are an insect and you come glittery and on a pin, I will buy you.  I probably won't ever wear you. But I will buy you.  The other brooch I bought because I loved the color palette. I like things that are pretty to look at.  Don't we all?

Check out this mofo.  A zodiac wheel necklace.  I'm not super crazy into horoscopes or anything {Virgo-holla!}, but I liked the medallion look of this along with the pastel colored rhinestones.  I plan to rock it with a white button-up and my ripped boyfriend jeans.

I bought two charm bracelets.  First I found the one on the left with the weird little figurines.  One looks to me like a pelican? And the other seems to a devil holding angel wings with a halo around his shoulder, and he is standing on a pearl.  I tried googling the heck out of this to see what it was all about-don't want to be walking around with any pagan paraphernalia you know?  But I came up with nothing.  So if you know anything about it, shoot me an email!  The other one I found later in the day, and loved the wishbone charm.

Here are two sweet little vases I couldn't resist. Love the gold detailing.

A slice of agate.  Too pretty to pass up, though I have no real use for it.  But again, I like things that are pretty to look at.

See how pretty it is with light shining through?  You sure come up with some awesome things Mother Nature.

I like to sift through piles of black and white photos when I run across them.  Some people are into the very stoic/creepy looking portraits.  I'm into the ones of people on the beach.  They make me happy.  So this one was a no-brainer.  Plus, what's better than a pic taken from a cave?

All of it in a nutshell:

I got a few things for the shop as well, which will be listed when I re-open shortly.  Thank you all so much for the well wishes regarding my surgery.  You give me the warm fuzzies.  I'm recuperating for a bit, and then will be back in action!


  1. First up, how adorable are your kidlets? So cute! Second, LOVE all of your finds- the jewelry is all so fabulous and love love the vases.

  2. This looks so fun Jackie! I want to go with you... next stop - San Fran! Plus, I love junk food, so that pretty much sealed the deal!

  3. RAWR!!! If you ever decide to part with that zodiac necklace - LET ME KNOW, and I am serious as a heart attack. So. Jealous.


  4. Awesome finds! My mom and I made our first trip to the Alameda antique fair last summer and are for sure planning another trip soon! I definitely experienced the crazy donut guy, too-though he does know how to whip up a good bunch of sugary goodness!

    ps ~ your girls are quite the cuties:)


  5. i love antique-ing! that zodiac necklace is awesome.

  6. I haven't paid enough attention to old photos when I'm out and about! That beach scene is really great!

  7. im so sad i skipped it, especially since it has been raining the day of for the past 3 (or 4?) months!! must go in march.

    and thank you, because ive never had the mini donuts!!!!! i always get kettle korn and something from the mexican food stand.

    and PS> taking your girls? brave!!!

  8. Jackie, I share your love of agate. Great find - that is a gorgeous piece! Gorgeous jewelry finds as well!
    I hope you're having a great week!

  9. oh those vases!

    and those donughts. gosh im a fatty

  10. oh dear me, you hit the jackpot! if you ever decide to part with one of the gold bracelets, let me know! that is exactly what i've been wanting to hubby for for my b-day.

  11. ARRRGH! I always let that first sunday get away from me. I missed another alameda flea. I think I may have been distracted by the 80 degree day we had that day. But your finds are incredible. And the doughnuts?!?!! Are they as good as the mini-dounughts at Pier 39? Also, love the bangs. And i hope you're doing better.
    (I know, I'm all over the place).


  12. Love, Love, Love the vintage jewelry. I agree with merciblahblah, I want that zodiac necklace.

  13. Great finds! And you are so funny! Your kiddos are super cute and those doughnuts look yum...my lil nugget would love those too!

  14. What great finds!! I love that slice of agate! so pretty!