New Years Eve Party Ideas

I remember one year when I was around six years old, my grandmother was babysitting me on NYE.  She had no party, decorations or fanfare surrounding the night, so I took matters into my own hands and decided to decorate and throw my own little party.  I rummaged around her craft/sewing closet for all the little bits and baubles I could find to drape over the fireplace mantle and hang from every possible nook.  This got my grandmother in the festive spirit, so she let me stay up until midnight and we went in the back yard and banged on pots and pans when the clock stroke twelve.  

That night has always been one of my favorite childhood memories.  I can't say that as an adult I have kept that NYE spirit.  Over the past 15 years more often than not my husband has been at work.  I have also managed to be fairly sick on several New Years as well.  Keeping with tradition, it looks like this year will be ho-hum as well.  On Christmas day my husband's back injury flared up, leaving him unable to walk and in loads of pain every day since then.  It's not looking to let up anytime soon either.  Back problems flair up whenever they please, and usually take months to recover from.  But that won't keep me from sharing loads of party inspirations with you.  Heck, I may just put up a few decorations too, to brighten the spirits around here!

Use leftover Christmas garland to create a fun 2011 banner. Via Martha

I've always loved a clock theme for New Years.  My aunt does this every year-she gathers up all the vintage clocks she owns and places them down a table runner on her dining table.  Interspersed with votives it looks so festive!

Here is a gorgeous Christmas tablescape that works equally well for NYE.  The silver and gold color scheme is a traditional color palette for the evening.  The ornaments mimic the bubbles in a glass of champagne. 

I absolutely adore this simple idea-fill up various cups and vases with glitter and nestle candles in them.  I actually saw the same idea in the window at Ann Taylor recently and took a pic with my phone to share with you :

So pretty illuminated by the white twinkle lights.  Heck, throw your fave heels up there while you are at it!

Make sure you don't forget the must-haves: confetti,  party horns
and sparklers

Lastly, champagne is a no-brainer.  I have always loved the cute little cans of Sofia with the straws. I would use these as a supplement to actual full-size bottles though, because everyone loves raising a toast and clinking glasses together at midnight.

Hope you all have a lovely New Years!


  1. Amazing images. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. I'm definitely diggin' the idea of the various clocks interspersed on the table runner ... what a great idea this is. Thanks for your continually great inspiration!

  3. Great photos, love the sparkle. I wish I had some vintage clocks!

  4. what fun ideas... a little sparkle goes such a long way. I love those little Sophia cans too! They are instant-party-worthy!

    Andrew and I usually do champagne and fondue at home the two of us... I'm hoping we'll be home from Chicago in time to do it again this year!

  5. Gorgeous pictures. I love the vintage clock theme...

  6. Fun ideas! We usually stay in and have a quiet evening with a few friends. I do like to decorate with a bit of sparkle though! Sorry about your husband. I sympathize as I struggle with back issues. They are no fun. I hope he feels better soon!