A Peek at My Vanity

Okay, you didn't think I would do a whole Vanity Week without giving you a peek at where I primp, did you?  My little spot is in my bathroom, where there was a built-in vanity area already in the home when we bought it.  I would prefer a free-standing piece in the corner of my bedroom someday, but for now it works.

So here is my little corner.  I have two trays I bought from target to corral everything.

My makeup tray holds my main daily essentials.  I use a lot of Benefit makeup.  My "Her Name Was Glowla" kit has pretty much everything I need for a daytime look.  I also like their "Sugarbomb" blush, The POREfessional primer, and their Playstick cream to powder foundation.  I use a little vintage dish to hold q-tips.  I also have out my favorite nail polishes, OPI's "You Don't Know Jaques" and Essie's "Limited Addiction", as well as some great cuticle cream by Burt's Bees.  I even slather that stuff on my lips and around my nose when it gets chapped from colds.

Here is a little cup I bought this week at Pier 1 (if you follow me on twitter I passed it up the first time-but I had to go back and get it!), it reminds me of the Kate Spade Larabee Dot rose bowl I have loved for so long.  It holds my favorite lip glosses, my tweezers, a nail file, my fave mascara and a few other randoms.

This tray holds a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry and my perfume and hand creme.  Lollia Wish is my signature scent, and I recently bought a little bottle of the Kim Kardashian perfume.  I know, I know, but it smells so good!

The big earrings hanging on the left and right are by Kendra Scott.  The earring holder comes from Pier 1.

 I found this awesome little brass hook holder at a thrift store, and use it to hang some of my most oft worn pieces of jewelry.  The rest are in my closet, which you can check out in this post, in which I cleaned out and organized my closet.


 And a general overview for you.  Don't mind the mess reflected in the mirror (including myself! I obviously didn't put the area to use this morning!) I still need a little stool for the area, I do everything standing up right now.  Which Maggie G would not agree with!  Also, everything is so obviously builder-standard in here that it kills me.  Would love to get a color up on the walls and paint the cabinets, but the bathroom is WAY last on our to-do list around here. 

So there you have it, my little vanity space.  In case you missed the others you can check out group one here, group two here, group three here, group four here. and the DIY set here.


  1. love it Jackie... and the peek into your bathroom. I'm so nosey! What a great space though. You definitely need a bench or stool!

    And those polka dotted cups had me at "hello"!

  2. so girly and adorable! I love it!! I really wanna buy a vanity...I have so much crap everywhere that I just need to organize like this! great blog

    xoxo follow mine!

  3. I love it! I've been totally enjoying vanity week and I love a peek at your space! I'm wearing You Don't Know Jacques right now on my tootsies!

    (BTW, I have the Kate Spade dot rose bowl, tall vase and smaller vase along with a few other ones in different patterns. Hello great wedding gifts! They are sitting on my mantel. All my crystal is Kate Spade, I just couldn't resist registering for it. I was totally surprised people bought us as much as they did.)

  4. love that you went back to get that cup, it is SO cute and so kate spade. perfect for beauts vs. juice.

  5. i love your Vanity series!! good idea. love the blog!

  6. I love your vanity area! you forgot to mention where those fabulous earrings in the middle came from! haha, just kidding! you have some good goodies there! I am sorry I couldn't get my act together for this!

  7. I have the same poster in the same place in my bathroom!