Interior Infatuation: No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Day three of Vegas baby! I'm writing this as the ghost of Christmas past, so I can't really give you an update on how I'm feeling...but I'll guess that right now I'm still resting after a late night out with my hubby, as Sunday was our night to get dressed up, have a romantical dinner together, watch a show and lord knows what else.  Good times.  

I fell in love with this stylish house I saw over on Refinery 29;  it is the Brooklyn home of jewelry designer Meredith Kahn:

Are we still liking Moroccan poufs?  I still do.  I love that she has a mismatched pair.    

Take a peak at her dining table over on the right.  One of my favorite combos: an old wood table with modern chairs.

I always enjoy seeing how others live with the toys that come from having children.  We have that same little kitchen at our house!  

Moody blacks and glass cases for her designs.

Loads of interesting vignettes.

!!!!! I think vanity shots are one of my favorites to see.  So girly and filled with delights.

Happy Monday Sweeties!


  1. YES still love poufs!!!! - i want a shaggy one!!!!

    PS - please come by and join in on my GIVE-AWAY - 2 winners announced Oct 13th!!

    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. Yes still love the poufs, and I LOVE the orange one!

  3. Definitely still loving poufs. I want a gold one for our living room. Le sigh.

  4. Yes on the poofs as well. Love the combination of the two colors. What a lovely house filled with delights.

  5. Am determined to be as freaking stylish a mom as her someday. Probably when he's 23 or so.

    And I need vignette lessons, I am the worst. I'll be studying up on these pics.

  6. So stylish and I adore poufs especially in pink or white.

  7. Lovely home!! I still adore the poufs : )

  8. I'm a big Brooklyn fan, so this home is right up my alley. Thanks for the post!

  9. Thanks for sharing these photos. Her place looks very bright and welcoming. Also, I'm thinking I should bake some cookies in thigh-high boots for the hubby tonite, lol!