Interior Infatuation: Home Office Ideas

Good morning my peeps.  Hope the weekend treated you well and you are ready to dig in to a new week!  I had a bit of a downer weekend.  Hubby was gone on business, me and the girls have started to come down with a nasty cold and Kara decided it was a good idea to climb/fall out of her crib when she didn't want to take her nap.  A bumped head, a bloody lip and lots of tears later, she seemed to be okay, but jeesh that was scary.  Natalie never tried that, although by this age (2 1/2) she was already in her big girl bed.  I guess I am holding on to babyhood a little too long with Kara, seeing as how we think she will be our last.  Anywhoozle, that little mishap has now put "Operation Let's Share A Room" on the front burner instead of the back burner.  So I am in the process of finding a toddler bed for Kara and will be putting it in Natalie's room, since they always want to sleep together anyway.  Kara's room will now turn in to the office-which is much needed because right now our "office" is the kitchen counters!  We do have a built-in desk in the kitchen, but I don't really like to see all the computer equipment and mess that goes along with it out in our public space.  I've compiled some inspiration photos (of course) for the office, and thought I would share:

I've posted this before.  What I like: dark walls, ikea expedit shelves, white desks, lamps-basically everything!

What I like: dark wall, white on white desk/chair/lamp, gallery wall, bulletin board, bookshelves

All images below via houzz.com:

What I like: ikea expedit shelves, dark wall, white desk, rug

 What I like: ikea desk, gallery wall, bulletin board

Here is another shot of the room above.  Love the credenza to hold office papers and supplies; all tucked away so it is not visually cluttered.

 What I like: ikea desk, shelving on either side

What I like: white desk, zebra rug, no clutter, amazing light fixture

What I like: everything! Especially furniture that has animal legs!  

What I like: dark wall, white desk, chairs (although probably not as comfy as I will want)

What I like: an all-time Domino fave! Expedit shelving again, white desk again, galley wall again-starting to see a pattern here, no?

What I like: clean and classic

What I like: white desk, zebra chair, dresser in back to hold clutter, interesting looking bulletin board-looks like it has grids?

Well there you have my compilation.  I'll have these heavy in mind when I eventually go to buy the key pieces I will need.  I'm going to be posting a few mood boards I've created with home office ideas, too, so be on the lookout for those soon.  Have a sweet day!


  1. I love the picks! The white furniture looks great with the dark backdrop. The zebra chair in the last pic is fantastic!

  2. i wanna repaint my boyfriend place with DARK colors - like a black wall!!! ... and i love a few of these - and while i'm not a fan of desks in bedroom's - that one REALLY fits and looks fantastic!

  3. Oh such good inspiration here... I love the exercise of pulling a bunch of photos you like and then finding the common denominators. Then you know which things to execute first! That chair from Z Gallerie would look GREAT in your room!

  4. Aww, your poor little Kara. Glad she's okay. And it's so sweet your daughters want to sleep together!

    And lucky you for getting an office! That first photo really stood out to me - the purple walls, purple curtains, green rug, gorgeous table and chairs and streamlined bookcase...Yummy!

  5. I love the first and third pics! So great. I love the look of clean white furniture and big bookcases. Have fun with your new decorating project!

  6. Ohmygosh, these are so inspiring to whip my office into shape!!

    Your poor, little girl - glad she's okay. :)

  7. Can't wait to see what you come up with, I love all these inspiration pictures!