Currently Coveting: I Love Gooooollllllldddd!

Goldmember? Austin Powers? No? Anyone?  Well, I do love gold-it's one of my favorite shiny substances. Paired with black and white it looks oh-so bright lights, big city.  Only on SPPN will I take you from Austin Powers to Jay-Z in mere sentences.  

I'd like to take a moment to thank you all for your support in me not being too old for some good old-fashioned Vegas debauchery.  Now when my hubby is giving me that "Jackie, time to take it down a notch" look, I'll just blame it all on you guys.  "But my blog buddies said I could!!!"  See how that works? 



  1. I m right on board with you - loving gold for this Fall! I wish you hadn't shown me that Tory Burch belt - I love it!

  2. Hmmm... hubby's opinion or blog buddies? I choose blog buddies!! xo

  3. I love those little Eiffel Tower earrings! The bow on them is adorable!

  4. oh LORDY am I excited for this weekend. I am seriously laughing out loud, my husband gives me those looks too! We are going to have TOO.MUCH.FUN!

    It's impossible to choose a favorite here... the wallet, the ring, the sunnies!?!?! It's all so fab!

  5. Cute picks- love the ring and nail polish!

  6. Those earrings and nail polish are my favorites!


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