Interior Infatuation: Kristen Cavallari's Home

I'm back! And in one piece!  Whew, what a whirlwind weekend we had.  In three days we hit up Sausalito, Mill Valley, Muir Woods, Stinson Beach and Tiburon.  If you live in California and haven't visited these towns yet-put them on your must see list! So beautiful.  Mill Valley is like a design blogger's mecca, with tons of amazing shops.  I got to visit Maison Reve, which was a highlight for me! Full re-cap and pics to come soon!

Okay, on to the interior infatuation.  Confession time: I still watch The Hills.  I've been following those crazy kids since their high school days at Laguna Beach.  I definitely lost interest once Lauren Conrad jumped ship, but something continues to motivate me to DVR the show and watch it here and there when I get a chance.  I just can't believe these peeps in their early 20's and all the fame and money they have, and how ridiculously shallow they all come across as.  With the exception of Lo.  She is wise beyond her years, don't ya think?  Anywhoozle, I love when they show Kristin's home on the show, it has such an exotic, masculine, Mediterranean feel to it.  It's got major boho vibe (or as my husband calls it "hobo"-as in "Hey babe, love your hobo dress!" Gee, thanks.)  I was happy to run across some photos of her home via Shelter Pop.

Look at those arched windows!  Love the leather Chesterfield sofa and zebra ottoman.

This kitchen is amazing, but do you really think she uses it?  All she does on the show is dine at all the hottest restaurants around town.  It's questionable if she is really even dining at all, she must weigh like 90 pounds.

Not that thrilled with her bedroom, but the bath is gorgeous.  Love the greek key pattern on the shower floor, the chandy, sink and floating shelves. 

What a great outdoor "room" to entertain in.  I love when curtains are hung outside.  I have an extra set of white curtains in a canvas-like material from Ikea that I have been considering hanging outside on our patio.  Have yet to bite the bullet though because it would obviously be a lot of maintenance keeping them clean.

Yes.  Right on so many levels. 

So do you watch The Hills?  Will you be shedding a little tear tomorrow on the series finale?  


  1. I love Lo! She seems to be the only one with any sensibility. And as if I needed another reason to dislike Kristen! This house is awesome, especially for someone her age, not fair!

  2. of course I still watch the Hills! I agree with you about Lo...

    Kristin's house is rockin' - don't care much for the character that she portrays on the show... I don't know if she is really like that or not. But she seems a little crazy. Her house on the other hand is fab - how is that fair? :)

  3. Loving the patio and kitchen the best! What a great house! Hoping your week is off to a great start.
    p.s. Your blog looks amazing Jackie!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Her house is so Southern California, I love it! The outdoor living space is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh.. this home is pretty. I especially enjoy the backyard :)))


  6. I'm like you -- stopped watching faithfully once LC left, but I can still get sucked back in just like that.

    And now that it's over, I worry about those kids. How will Kristin be able to pay for that house? Will the repo man come for Audrina's six-figure Mercedes? Who's going to spring for Heidi's next round of surgery? I'm telling you, these crazy kids NEED fools like us to watch their every scripted move, or else they will surely perish. Or at least have to move to the suburbs.

  7. i'm not a religious watcher of the hills, but if i catch it on i don't change the channel. :) and i will definitely tivo the series finale... gotta see how it all ends. on another note, i, too, am in LOVE with kristen's house. and i agree with jill, how is it fair that she owns this home. insert pouty face here. thanks for sharing.

  8. I just watched last night's episode and was thinking the SAME thing- that house is amazing!!

  9. i adore the kitchen! but do we think she owns this house or she rents it-fully furnished? ;)

  10. I'm SO jealous of her outdoor dining space. Midwest winters were MADE for that kind of thing. Not. Sigh....

    I need to move to Cali....


  11. That shower is BANANAS! Great post, Jackie.