California Dreaming: Mill Valley Shopping

Okay ladies and gents, better buckle your seatbelts for this one because I am about to take you on one wild tour of my favorite Mill Valley shops.  Mill Valley is a quaint little town nestled at the base of Mt. Tamalpais, a mere 4 miles away from the Golden Gate Bridge.  But there is no need to head into the city when you can spend a day milling about this town.  Literally shop after shop of amazing goods, and yummy eats. It was very hard to narrow it down, but I've picked four shops to highlight here: Maison Reve, Tyler Florence, Summer House, and the last I shamefully can't remember the name. Boo.  Here we go kids:

First stop: Maison Reve.  I swear to you I did not color coordinate my outfit, it was just a freakish coincidence.  I took it as a sign that my soul belongs here.  

Maison Reve means "dream home" in French, and features an "urban farmhouse" style to it's offerings.  The owner Yasmine has gotten tons of press, including a feature in the book The Find-in fact it is one of her vignettes on the cover.

Come on in with me...

Love the light and bright feeling of the store and of course what really gets me going are all the little vignettes within the store:

The store has a mixture of new and vintage items, many coming from France, local artists, estate sales and antique fairs.  I loved this vintage Coca Cola cooler, and perfectly weathered patio umbrella.

I liked these twists on two popular items-an ottoman upholstered in a vintage railway sign and a patchwork cowhide rug-makes it less "I just skinned a cow and threw it on my floor" and more "Look at my pretty, visually dynamic rug."

Here is a pic of the colored pencil holder I mentioned the other day in my organization post.  It's ridiculous how bad I want this thing.

A great little green chair and something I am totes going to DIY: hand stamped clothespins.

More little scenes around Maison Reve.

I didn't really want to leave, but the show had to go on...

We rounded a corner and feasted our eyes on this:

Amen! Love chalkboard messages-they speak such wisdom.

Here is what you get a load of when you walk in:

And this was only one half of the store, if you can believe it.

Okay, hold on to your hats because I'd like to introduce you to a new feature here on the blog- the SPPN Chandy Cam:

You know I love chandys.  And as I was going through all my pics I noticed I took a ton of chandeliers, so a new star is born here on the blog.  Would you get a load of that one?  Pretty glam for a cooking shop, no?

There was a full-size kitchen set up in the back, where they do cooking demonstrations.  It was pimp status.

This framed pic of Mick Jagger paired with the black tiles brought a fun, edgy vibe to the kitchen.  I love a good element of the unexpected.

There were tons of kitchen storage containers-these were my faves. Very "under the big top".

At the back of the store was a super cool library filled to the brim with cook books.  I didn't get my own pics because there were people lounging around, so I snatched these from his website:

Oh man, I'm getting pooped and need to recharge.  Time for a Bloody Mary break!!

This is one of the spiciest Bloody Mary's I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Moving right along...

This was a doozy: Summer House @57.


Give me this little daybed now and nobody gets hurt.

SPPN Chandy Cam alert!

She's a looker.

I thoroughly enjoyed this framed vintage drawing of hand reflexology.  Or maybe it's fortune telling, hand line reading shiz-that actually makes more sense.  It was BIG.

This sofa was so super cool because of the size-it was extra long and had wider than average arms and a ledge along the back.  I picture a ton of peeps fitting on this sofa-some sitting where tradition dictates, while others lean oh-so casually along the back and sides while sipping on cocktails.  Great pillow too.

Nice mirror.

Pretty pouf & rug-love the color combo of lavender and coral.

You tired of this shop yet?

Bam! John Derian trays.

Bam! Chandy Cam!

Alright, lets move on to the shop with no name...

It was a shop full of garden delights.

These were outside.  But for $65?  Not so much.  Totally DIY-able.

I love the mossy-green painted interior.  Good earthy vibes here.

The bird is the word.

My home needs a wall of ornately framed mirrors.  Yes.

Thats actually all I have from that shop.  It was small, but good.

Wait a minute, I feel one last Chandy Cam coming on...

This is my all-time favorite chandelier: The Alice.  And if it wasn't over $3000 I would have it hanging in my house right this second.  This photo actually comes from another great shop in Mill Valley: Ruby Living Design.  They had every piece of popular design merch imaginable.  Tons of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofas, Oly Studio accents, Thomas Paul pillows, etc, etc.

If you are still with me I crown you Queen of SPPN Readers.

It is safe to say I am in love with Mill Valley.  And guess what? I'm going back!  In two weeks to celebrate the anniversary with the hubs.  8 years married!  Let me know if there is something in particular you want to see or hear about.  Because there was a TON more amazing shops I could have featured.  There will more than likely be a Part II after my next visit.  Oh, and I forgot to mention I was like two feet away from Dana Carvey while outside a little restaurant called Toast.  We're Not Worthy!  I was too chicken to get a pic though.  Maybe next time.

The end.  


  1. Fun shopping! It looks like I could just move in to about all those stores.... ahhh! Such good stuff. Love the chandy cam by the way!

    Have a great trip with your husband!

  2. I could almost kick you for not getting a pic with Dana Carvey. He is probably my all-time fave...but you can get away with it because of the genius that is Chandy Cam. I think Tyler's was my fave. Bam! You're forgiven!

  3. Maison Reve looks incredible! I would spend hours in there!

  4. Oh my!!! i could definitely spend some time in these shops, and do some serious damage to my bank account.

  5. i love this post, jackie. the pictures are amazing (i want to go there!!!!) and you are hilarious. i think i laughed out loud at least 3 times. everyone in my house thinks i'm looney tunes. :)

  6. love all the photos, I would like to go to each and every place you went - ahh, thanks though for letting us live vicariously through you!

  7. Love everything about that daybed!

  8. That was fun. Would love to see some of those goodies in person.

  9. Oh my goodness. I am crushing on at least 15 things from those photos and want them all immediately! Adding a trip to Mill Valley to the growing list of things we MUST do when I finally get to visit... this is turning more into me moving to California, isn't it? Haha.

  10. Love all the pictures! Looks like fun :)

  11. I have always loved tyler florence..thanks for the tour, thoroughly enjoyed it all!

  12. LOVE this post. And I heart Mill Valley. I was going to tell you I'd meet you there next time you go, but since the next time is your anniversary, maybe the next, next time. :)

  13. Hi - I just found your blog today and what fun it is! I loved your post today because I grew up in Mill Valley. I adore the town and love all the shops! It's so much fun to walk around and window shop. Of course I am partial to it. Thanks for sharing on my home town! I look forward to reading your daily posts.

  14. Um, the framed photo of Mick in Tyler's kitchen? My favey crockett. I don't even love Mick Jagger that much, but I DO love what an unexpected burst of funk that was. Totally. Chic. I may have to do something like that myself.

    Helloooooo Chandy Cam! Tyler's chandy was my fave. It was like a chandy in a can, so does that mean it's a chandy can chandy cam?


  15. i think you may need that pencil holder. wow.

    and that bloody mary looks superb. perfect to put you into the tipsy zone where you make reckless purchases! ha :)

  16. What a fun shopping trip! You make me want to go to Mill Valley Shops right now:)

  17. I love this post! I just moved to the Bay Area a couple of months ago- this is good stuff!! Thank you thank you! xEmily

  18. I'm new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I'm from nearby Sacramento, your post will definitely inspire a visit to Mill Valley SOON! That Coca Cola table is awesome!

  19. That cute gardening store is called Moss & Moss. Tyler Florence's in-laws own the place, and they specialize in antique gardening tools. Very cool shop!