Super Easy DIY: Thrifted Mirror Turned Chalkboard

I love a good DIY, but to be honest if it has too many steps my eyes glaze over and my brain shuts down.  So I usually cut all the corners I can.  Why not just make things simpler on yourself?  I know turning a mirror into a chalkboard is nothing new, but I wanted to share my little makeover anyway.

Here is my $9.99 oval cane patterned mirror as it came:

And here is it now, living a new life as a chalkboard:

{Yes, I have the handwriting of a 12 year old girl}

Literally all I did was spray paint primer right over the mirror, then sprayed on about 4 coats of chalkboard paint. Some people remove the mirror and get wood or mdf or whatever cut to size at Homie Depot, but that is one step too many for me.  Lazy much?  So far it is working just fine.  No problemos.  And of course I spray painted the frame white.  So there you have my super easy mirror to chalkboard DIY.  It's hanging up in my entry, and I like to write little welcome messages on it when we are having visitors.  They always get a kick out of it. 

What is your DIY style?  Do you cut corners where you can like me, or follow the exact directions?


  1. ha, you know I'm on your side with this one! I chalk it up to pure laziness :) If it's got 5 steps or less, I'm all over it.

    So I have a bulletin board that has an awesome white frame that I've been racking my brain trying to come up with how to make it a chalkboard. But then my head hurts and I give up.

  2. ok seriously ~

    there is this HUGE mirror that my friend is gaga over the frame, but the mirror has a slight crack. think hair line crack. do you think the spray primer would help the crack not spread so we can spray paint the mirror with chalkboard paint?
    (which is what she wants to do with it.)
    love the cane frame around yours!

  3. i LOVE chalkboards, that is darling :)

  4. Ah! Love this idea! So creative. Go you.

  5. Super cute!

    I'm a total corner cutter too! Some projects you have to follow to a T but others (like our garden beds!) you can fudge a little. Not everything has to be done to pro standards if it's just in your own house!