Blogger Book Fair: Paula of Two Ellie

This week's Blogger Book Fair contributor is Paula of the wonderful blog two ellie. I've been following Paula's blog for quite some time now, and I just adore her effortless sense of style.  She has a beautiful home and garden, an adorable family and is pretty much the bee's knees!  (Do people say that anymore?)  Take it away Paula!

I love to read.  I am one of those that get so wrapped up in a book that it is hard to put down.  As of late, I haven't had the time to ignore my husband and two kiddos, but these are a few of my favorites that I go back to again and again.

Trail of Crumbs by Kim Sunee

A memoir of sorts that proves that having it all does not lead to true happiness.  You get to travel through her life from her past to present as she tries to find out who she truly is.  Her main constant is her love of cooking and can be found making countless gourmet meals.  I cried, laughed, and yes even gasped at a few risque parts.  If you like Eat, Pray, Love than this book is right up your alley.       

I am not one for reading self-help books or many christian books in general.  I love the Bible and normally stick to it, but I have found Philip Yancey to write about Jesus in such a way that keeps my mind moving and my faith deepening.  He makes me think and I love that.  I really do love every book he has written, but this is the last book I have read of his and it rocked me in a good way.  It's about showing the world what grace is all about.  Not the so called grace that people just throw around, but the grace that Jesus showed.  I personally love to simply love people no matter what.
To America by Stephen Ambrose

I am somewhat of a dork and enjoy history.  I wouldn't say I am a history buff, I am awful at remembering dates, but I do love to know how far we have come in this world.  Most history books can be a hard read and make a beautiful time so boring, but I found To America to be just the opposite.  It really is an easy read.  It's a story of how Stephen Ambrose views history and how he has come to love it.  To see his journey and learn more along side him.  He has a passion that can be felt.  He shows us the good, the bad and the really what were they thinking.

So I have a slight girl crush on Miss Katie Lee, what can I say.  I love her style, I love that she loves to cook, I love that she loves to entertain.  I have enjoyed both her cook books immensely.  Her latest focuses on party menus.  Anything from brunch with girlfriends to a full out dinner party.  Not only are the recipes good, but the book itself is gorgeous.  It also doesn't hurt that you can see into her fabulous homes. 
Interior Wisdom by Leah Richardson

I love a good design book.  Domino is also one of my top favorites, but it has already made the book fair so I thought I would share another.  This book is filled with gorgeous homes she has done.  They are all serene and decorated quite simply.  She believes in living only with what you love.  Modern mixed with antiques, styles that will stand the test of time.  This is what I strive for in my own home.  She is quite an inspiration.  
Curious George by H.A. Ray

Okay, so this might not be deep reading, or one that I do on my own, but it is one that I enjoy reading to my children.  If you happen to have children you may know they like to read the same book over and over and sometimes even in one sitting.  Curious George is one of those even I don't get tired of.  It's about a monkey named George and all his adventures.  A true classic if I do say so myself.  


  1. I love the Domino design book too - might just have to check out Interior Wisdom...

    I opened an online boutique offering vintage and designer clothes - all $30 and under. Let me know what you think...


  2. I'll have to check a few of these out... I love that you added a children's book Paula. I, too, just LOVE to read, it is my escape. On the "rough" days I think, well, at least I get to read to the kids!

  3. thanks for letting me do this. so fun.

  4. I need some good summer reads, this is a great list Paula!!!

  5. What's So Amazing About Grace is one of my Favorites, too. It's just a wonderful way of looking at the world and the people around us.

    xo Erin

  6. super fun! love the picks!!

  7. A few of these are new to me. And though I'm familiar with the Katie Lee book, I've never picked it up. Such a positive review from someone I respect...things are about to change! By the way, love this feature...glad to be here via Paula!