Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Kids

So did you all survive Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday? What a whirlwind! I have a lot of my shopping done, but do have more on my list to check off. I couldn't keep up with Cyber Monday yesterday. Things were selling out, websites were crashing, and I just ended up giving up! I hope you had better luck. Today I continue my Holiday Gift Guides with ideas for kids! Be sure to check out my guides for home, men and beauty too!

My seven year old is asking for Calico Critters for Christmas. She is obsessed with these fuzzy little animal families! I remember I was too when I was younger.

This is too cute and wood food holds up so well. We had our play food sets for at least five years and they were in perfect shape the entire time. Love this "vintage" take...that baguette!

I love to gift craft sets, it is usually what I get for birthday party gifts for my daughters' friends. You really can't go wrong.

Pretty enough for display!

Toys to get kids active is another favorite of mine. Scooters are so fun!

We love to play board games in our family, and the ones we all seem to agree on are Disney. We also love Disney Pictopia and Eye Found It!

You gotta throw in a few needs, and cold weather gear is always a welcome gift (for parents at least!)

Give me all the adorable PJs! Can't get enough.

Minecraft is still a major kid fave, and these Lego blocks get them out of the game and into real life!

I need more babies in my life, because I miss buying adorable baby clothes! 

I mean, who wouldn't want their own Cafe to chill at all afternoon? ;)

Star Wars mania is at epic proportions. How fun are these light saber ice pops!?

My kids always get a few books under the tree. This best-seller is a winner.

My other faves are the vintage reprints of Little Golden Books. Cost Plus has a variety of titles at a great price.

I image little ones would have a ton of fun dropping the letters in the slot, and then opening it up with the keys. Then repeating. Again and again and again. What is it with kids and keys? Haha.

My girls had this set when they were younger and they loved making personalized bracelets and necklaces for themselves and friends. I even got a few as gifts on Mother's Day, which they were always proud of (and I of course loved). The wooden beads were nice and easy for them to string on their own.

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