10 Under $50

I'm calling this weeks' 10 under $50 the "Let's get cozy" edition. I still can't believe that a mere week ago I was still wearing tees and sandals, and now it is so cold that I've officially put our winter clothes back in rotation. I'm suffering from seasonal whiplash over here! This most wonderful time of the year is, in my opinion, best spent cuddled up at home spending time with the ones you love. Enter, Gap's "purebody" collection. It is by far my favorite place to go to stock up on warm, cozy lounge wear. Gap is currently having a 40% off sale online only, with code "REVEAL", so now would be the perfect time to buy some of the pieces I am featuring today! Get ready, because I take my lounge wear very seriously.

Ok, so this all may look boring to some of you, but believe me, these items will give you lyfe when you want to be warm and cozy at home this winter! Prices shown are before the 40% off discount, so all of these pieces will be well under $50!

This is a piece that you can wear lounging around the house on Sunday, and then just swap your pj pants for jeans for a quick store run to pick up wine and cheese. You know, the essentials.

I love these tees, they are so soft, and are great for layering. Yet another top for lounging that you can wear out as well.

For cold winter nights, I love to layer a long sleeve lounge dress like this over a pair of leggings. The extra length of the dress adds more warmth that just a regular top. 

File this under "when you wish you could just wear a blanket". Gah, I just love anything sherpa lined.

Here comes my trifecta of lounge pants in the next three links. First up, a pair of loose flannel pants, which are great for, say Thanksgiving night or after a day of baking Christmas cookies. Catch my drift ;)

Old lady alert: I have an arthritic knee (I know, I'm only 34, I never thought I'd be having health issues like that already!) that in the winter gets really achy when the temperatures drop. For those days, a nice snug pair of leggings helps give my knees the warm hug that they need to feel better. Arthritis or not, it's still nice to feel like you are wearing a warm hug, right?

Last week I posted these, and this week I saw this pair and I'm like "I want them all and I want them now!" Sweater leggings are a nice in-between of leggings and flannel pants. They are still a bit snug, but are warm and fuzzy and have a bit of stretch. Winning.

This is a nice alternative to a robe in that you can also wear it out in public without looking like a slug! Believe me, if it was acceptable to wear a robe in public, I'd be all over it.

Um, did I mention I love robes? I've always got one on over my lounge wear in the winter. Now I have my girls wearing robes around the house in the mornings and I could almost die from the cuteness. One of my favorite things is to cuddle on the couch with them in our robes and read Christmas stories. The. best.

(not pictured)
If you are not a fan of big floppy slippers then these sweater socks are the way to go! They have skid proof padding on the bottom to make them more slipper-like than just plain socks. Love the geometric prints!

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