October Monthly Budget Breakdown

The "Monthly Budget Breakdown" is a new series aimed towards guiding your varying shopping habits. (You can read more about the beginnings of this idea here). We all shop differently, we all have different budgets, and with that in mind I am creating monthly shopping ideas to build your wardrobe at three different price points: $100, $300 and $500.

My budget would average out somewhere around the $100/month range, so this will be the closest to what my actual shopping habits are. For the $300 range, I will add on $200 worth of items in addition to the $100. For the $500, I will add an additional $200 to the $300. So essentially you will be able to buy all the items from $100 on. I hope you like this new series, and find it useful and personalized for you!

First off, apologies for the lack of posts lately. My computer went on the fritz again (I'm starting to think my computer is cursed or just really hates me) and I just got it back up and running. I'll spare you the details, but it involved the "Blue Screen of Death" as they call it...yeah not fun. Anyway, here we are, and I'm happy to be back! Fingers crossed my computer behaves for a bit now.

October really flew by; I'm pretty sure we accidentally skipped a week or two right? It can't possibly be November this weekend. I haven't done much shopping, other than what I shared in this post, as it is still pretty warm here. I think fall pretty much gave up on us and now I am just waiting for it to all of a sudden be winter.  I have lots of lovely visions in my head of how I would like to be dressing though, and this list is created based on that!


I would use my $100 budget this month to stock up on a few fun additions for the season. I'm definitely loving a simple moto jacket, which can be styled so many ways. I've saved a lot of inspirational looks on my Pinterest board revolving around the style.

A tunic-length plaid pullover will look perfect with skinnies and boots. I really love the simple window pane style of this one. Again, loving anything tunic length forever and ever.

Lastly, I love the look of a clean and simple black leather saddlebag for fall. This one is real leather and only $58!

Total: $111


If I had an additional $200 to spend, I would stock up on a few nice sweaters. I've bought a lot of cheap sweaters from Target in the past, but am realizing they just don't hold up very well past one season of wear. Buying a more substantial sweater in heftier knits just makes more sense for the long run. I love the styles of both of these sweaters from Banana Republic.You could definitely wait for a sale on these to save a bit.

The crew neck cutout front sweater comes in several pretty colors, and the fun shape gives it some extra style.

The side-zip oversize turtleneck sweater looks oh so comfy, and absolutely perfect for chilly days.

Total additional: $170


The Archive Boot, Madewell • $264.50

With an additional $200, I would invest in a really nice pair of riding boots. These from Madewell look so swanky! They are currently on sale for $264, down from $298, with an additional 20% off, making them come in around $210. These will be your go-to boot all season long. They also come in a gorgeous tan color.

Total additional: $210

Grand total: $491

Happy shopping!

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