8 Ways To Style An Army Green Jacket

This is a post I originally published in August of 2013. I found it still perfectly applicable to today, so in the interest of not re-inventing the wheel, I went ahead and updated all the shopping links, and am re-posting it for those who may have missed it (or forgot all about it-2 years is like a decade in blog years) the first time around.  

Some may consider an army green jacket a trend piece, but I have worn and loved mine consistently every fall since I purchased it in 2009. To me, it is a wardrobe staple that has withstood the test of time (trust me, four years is a crazy long time for me to own something!). It works as a neutral, is perfect for layering and can be dressed both up or down. I've gathered inspiration for you here on how to wear an army green jacket in eight different ways. 


8. With a long tank, black leggings, knee high boots and bag!

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