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TGIF to the millionth degree! This was one of the longest weeks ever in the history of weeks, I do believe. Let's see, we went four days with no air conditioner, which is not fun in when it is in the high 90's outside. I took my youngest daughter Kara to her first gymnastics class, which she had been begging me for, but I wrestled with the thought that it was rather dangerous. I think I held my breath the entire hour we were there. Not sure I'm of the emotional capacity to handle that one again! Do any of you have experience with gymnastics? I never took classes, so I don't have any prior experience to draw on. The long waiver I had to sign regarding liability for injuries didn't help. At one point it said something along the lines of "there is inherent risk in the moves that we do, but your child won't progress in gymnastics without it". Ummm, yeah that makes me feel really good about the whole scenario. Just as I was recovering from that, yesterday as I was picking up the girls from school, there was some crazy drama going on where five cop cars went flying by, and the school went on a lockdown. Kids were running into classrooms, and at that point I only had Kara and Natalie was on another side of campus. Those five to ten minutes of not knowing what was going on, or if Natalie was ok, were probably the most frightened I have ever been in my life. Thankfully all was well, and the lockdown was more precautionary than anything else, as the incident was a few blocks from the school. When we were allowed to leave the classrooms I ran to find Natalie and was so relieved when I saw her that I started crying right then and there, in the middle of loads of students and parents and teachers. So, pretty eventful week over here. I'm definitely looking forward to this three day weekend!! And maybe a little retail therapy? Yeah, I think some is in order.

This simple and modern pendant would look great over a simple sweater or tee.

A little floppy gray hat is so cute. Almost as cute as a little fluffy gray kitten. No? Yeah, I went overboard there didn't I?

I use this palette pretty much every day. It has all the colors you need for a nice basic daytime eye look. If you don't already have this, I highly recommend it.

Holy major sale! 70% off these Joie sandals. Pick them up now to wear on the last few warms days, and then store them away for next summer!

5. Olive Tote With Printed Handle $50
Great color, love the contrasting animal print handle. This could be your go-to for fall.

If you like to carry more than just your phone and credit card on a night out, this oversize clutch is for you!

Wrap me in all the giant scarves this winter. Please and thanks.

Love the interesting side seam on this piece, a great update to a basic stripe top.

I've never tried this style pant, but they seem to be sticking around this season, and the color is absolutely delicious! Maybe it's time to shake up my denim routine?

Regularly $79, this is one heckuva deal. Lots more color options too!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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