Summer To Fall: Transitional Dressing 3 Ways

Here we are in the last week of August! It's going to be "cooling down" this week, with temps dropping to the mid to low 90's, and we may even see a few 88's in there! Wow! Ugh, I seriously can't take much more heat. Yes, it's silly to complain because we have do have air conditioning, but I long for a cool fresh breeze and to have all the windows open. Maybe throw on a light cardigan and wear an actual pair of long pants. I'm ready to feel cozy! I'm tired of shaving! I'm not ready for pumpkins and chili and all that, like I don't need to be deep into fall or anything. I'm just saying a girl could use a change! 

So what do we do when life's got us down? Plan for better days ahead! Yep, indulge in a little day dreaming of things to come. 

Let's ease in a little bit here, and go with transitional outfits. The ones for when you've got one toe in summer, and one in fall.

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These formulas are all simple and stylish ways to add a bit of warmth to your summer pieces. It's a time for easy combinations that can be pulled together with little effort. There's still so much to enjoy while the weather is still nice!

LOOK 1: Short Dress + Denim Jacket + Booties

LOOK 2: Tunic Tee + Ankle Pants + Sneakers

LOOK 3: Sweater + Denim Shorts + Sandals



LOOK 3: 

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