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Yesterday while I was in Target, I swung by the clothing section briefly. It was 100 degrees outside, but blissfully over air-conditioned inside, making it much easier to fawn over the fall arrivals. I've been mentally compiling my list of what I would like to add to my closet this season. At the top of my list is a new pair of black denim and a black and white plaid button-up. Lo and behold those are two of the items I first ran into. I tried them on and loved both, but didn't purchase them just yet. Currently all Mossimo denim is BOGO 50% off, but no other denim worked out for me. So I am going to wait for a 40% off all denim sale. Those seem to happen quite frequently.

A fun little ring to throw on that will go with everything.

These are the jeans I tried on and I love them. I really like their high rise fit, it works well for a pear shape such as myself. It's also nice that they have different inseams available, looks like 33", 30" and 28". I ahave shorter legs, so the 28" is what works perfectly for me.

I love the basics from Joe Fresh. I have a striped short sleeve top I bought well over a year ago and I wear it all the time. It has held up very nicely. This long cardigan is right on trend for fall.

I'm really into structured little bags for fall, and like the minimalist look of this one.

Um, whoa. WHOA. These look way more expensive than they are. They also come in black. The perfect fall bootie for sure!

Lace up flats are all the rage this fall. You will see them everywhere. I love the delicate, ballerina-esque look of them. I'm not sure how practical they are for someone who prefers to throw on shoes and go. All the lacing seems a bit cumbersome. But super cute nonetheless.

Lots of fresh colors for fall, these tunic length tops are perfect for layering.

Time to add to that scarf collection again! *Heart eyes*

And here is the black and white plaid top I spoke of. This one has a great drape, and a more feminine silhouette. The material is more of a silky like cotton, if that makes sense, which is a nice change from a regular flannel.

Don't mind me while I find and purchase all the tunic length tees this fall. So glad these have caught on and are available everywhere you look.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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