How To Style White Birkenstocks + A Look For Less

When Birkenstocks decided to become a cool kid trend last year, I first gave it a bit of side eye, but much as with a new pop song on the radio, they grew on me. Pretty soon I couldn't get the lyrics out of my head and I had to have a pair. I decided to wait a bit and see if I still liked them once the next sandal season rolled around, and well, here we almost are! I do in fact still like the idea of a Birk, in all their granola simplicity. Plus, granny alert, I need some flat sandals with a more comfortable and supportive foot bed due to a lurking arthritic knee. I swear I'm only 33. I'm also a poet who didn't know it.

A favorite has arose in the course of the year, and that is the white Birkenstock Arizona with the white sole. Today I have complied a bevy of beauties wearing the white Birkenstock in oh-so stylish ways. There really is a look to fit every style.

On a related note, I hate to break it to you, but Tevas are the new Birkenstock this year for sure. Insert major side eye here and come back next year to see if I have changed my mind.

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I really love these classic looks, with the Birks styled with denim, button-ups and trench coats. The palettes remain fairly neutral, or you can add some fun with bright accessories like the last gal.

Images: 1/2/3

This is a great no fuss, no muss look. Pants in white or gray, and a solid color up top. Done and done.

Images: 1/2/3

Paired with a cotton skirt or dress, you get major easy breezy vacation vibes. These are the perfect walk all day sandal to pack in your carry on. Pass the umbrella drink stat. 

I allllmost bought a pair of the Arizona Birkenstocks in white during a President's Day sale on Asos. The whole site was 25% off, so they would have ended up being around $70 I believe. That is the cheapest I have found them. Generally they are around $100. I resisted though, because to be honest, that is still a lot for me to spend on something that I don't need. Target has pulled through with a look alike that is currently only $25. I'm still debating whether to splurge on the originals, or save on the knock off. What are your thoughts? I need some moral support here.

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