Weekend Finds

I have both E & J perfume rollers and love them. I usually wear the white during the day and the black at night. Or sometimes even a mix of both, as they were made to compliment each other. They recently came out with perfume oils and it totally intrigues me:

Piperlime recently came out with their own collection. It's a little strange as far as pricing goes. Sweaters are around the same price as tops and blouses, which I don't think is right. At any rate, I really love these two sweaters:

Digging the pale gray and camel paired together on this satchel from Gap:

The packaging got me on these. I believe I read somewhere this brand is from the makers of Hard Candy. Remember that polish from junior high years? Smith & Cult has a small, but nicely curated selection of colors :

Python print is a must-have this season. Start with these fun Vans:

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