10 Chunky Knit Sweaters for Under $50

Can you believe that this Friday is already Halloween? The weather has finally chilled here in NorCal, and we are scheduled to have some rain that day and evening. That of course puts a major damper (literally and figuratively) on our trick-or-treating plans. I've finally been able to wrap up in some sweaters this week though, so I guess that is a plus. I'm really loving a good chunky knit to my sweaters this fall. I absolutely fell in love with this look I found on Pinterest, which I cannot find a source for unfortunately, because I would buy it in a heartbeat:

That collar! Such a great use of textured neutrals in this outfit. I found a few sweater options under $50 for you to peruse. There are of course loads of sweaters saturating the market right now. It's nearly impossible to narrow things down, isn't it?
I think my faves are the first from Victoria's Secret, which is definitely the best match color and texture wise to my inspiration photo. My second choice is the fourth option from Forever 21. That lace detailing at the bottom is so fun and feminine! Which would you choose?

NEW!Double V-neck Sweater • Victoria's Secret • $49.50
Jj always waffle stitch open cardigan • $29.99
FOREVER 21 Hooded Waffle Knit Sweater • Forever 21 • $24.80
FOREVER 21 Lace Trim Knit Sweater • Forever 21 • $22.80
Miilla Drape Front Knit Cardigan • $39.97
Big Lapel Batwing Sleeves Chunky Knit Cardigan • ChicNova • $36.00
Brave Soul Chunky Knit Sweater In Red Twist - Red twist • Brave Soul • $34.11
FOREVER 21 Chunky Knit Sweater • Forever 21 • $22.80
FOREVER 21 Oversized Turtleneck Sweater • Forever 21 • $24.80
Chunky-Knit Sweater • MANGO • $49.99

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