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Way back in '94 when I was just a wee little seventh grader I owned a pair of Vans Old Skools. I wasn't a skater by any means, I just though they looked cool when I saw them at the store (I think it might have been Mervyn's-remember that store? My mom loved shopping for us there). So I sported my spiffy Vans until they wore out, moved on to my next shoe crush and forgot all about the good times we had. 

In walks Pinterest and TWENTY YEARS later I see them on an impossibly chic lady and all the memories came flooding back. I needed a pair of Old Skools in my life again. Thanks to the magic of the internet, here they are happily on my older and wiser tootsies.

If you'd like to take a trip down memory lane too, here are loads of styles that have been popping up recently (some of these are unisex, so check sizes carefully before ordering):

Madewell has recently stocked a high top version that is sure to be popular (but to be honest I like the low tops much better) 

White on white is a clean and classic choice.

I went sentimental and bought the blue exactly like my pair in seventh grade.

There are some adorable floral versions here, here and here.

Just whatever you do, for the love of god, don't ever buy a platform sneaker

Added bonus: you can sing "Taking it back to the old school, cause I'm an old fool who's so cool" (Whoomp There It Is) every time you wear them. Everything should have a musical accompaniment.

Vans Old Skool Checkerboard Shoes • Vans • $55.00
Vans Old SkoolTM • Vans • $36.99
Old Skool Reissue CA in Birch • Vans • $70.00
Vans Liberty Old Skool Men‘s Sneaker • Vans • $44.99
Vans The SK8-Hi Slim Sneaker in Geometric Cockatoo and Hot Coral • Vans • $52.00
VANS Low-tops & trainers • Vans • $108.00
VANS Low-tops & trainers • Vans • $69.00
Vans 'Sk8-Hi - Slim' Sneaker (Women) • Vans • $64.95
Vans® & Madewell Classic SK8-Hi High-Tops in Wool • Madewell • $80.00
Vans Old Skool Snake Men‘s Sneaker • Vans • $44.99

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