Shopping the Sites: Madewell New Arrivals Picks

Good morning! Sorry for the absence around here. Sometimes life gets so hectic that something has to give, and last week it was blogging. I hope you don't mind when I pop in and out of this space, as I've been trying to find a little more balance in my life. My husband has a new position and schedule at work that has thrown us for a loop, and the girls are growing so fast that I can hardly keep up! Having a six year old and an eight year old has proven to be one of the most challenging years yet, as they are growing into little ladies who now have outside pressures of their own to deal with. I'm seeing how different life is for kids now than when I was little, and I am left wondering - what happened to kids just being kids?  Anyway, I'll end that rant now and get back to what you came here for - some style goodies!

I used to do this thing in middle school and high school when I got my new Delia*s catalogs (anyone remember those? Throwback!) where I would pick my favorite outfit from each page and circle it. I never bought anything, but that pretend shopping was very satisfying to me, and I still do the same with new arrivals from my favorite retailers.  A natural progression I suppose! Only difference is, now I can actually buy the stuff if I want, without mom and dad's permission.

Madewell has some very cute new pieces perfect for casual summer wear and travel. Below are my favorites from their new arrivals.

A flowy white dress is perfect for any occasion. From a summer party, a day at the beach or just when you want to feel light and carefree!

This pretty silk tank looks so crisp paired with white pants. I would add silver sandals and jewelry to complete the look.

I like the more abstract take on leopard in these silk shorts. I definitely need to invest in a pair of silk shorts this summer.

Both a long and short white dress will get you far this summer!

A pretty little adornment to your outfit.

The black and white pattern on these shades is so fun! 

The print on this is so daring, you should check out the close-up over on the website.

A few thin gold rings are just so summery to me. Paired with a pretty mani it is perfection.

Great price for this straw tote considering the leather trim and handles.

Slip on and go sandals are a must, and these will go with anything.

I like the embossed pattern on these. I don't do high heels much anymore, so this is a nice alternative with the chunky heel.

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