Styling White Denim, Day to Night

On Wednesday I had a little day to night wardrobe scenario, which warrants mentioning because it has been awhile people. It's been awhile. I'm either super busy all day, and then gap out at night, or have a pretty uneventful day and then go out at night. Fascinating, right? Anywho, on Wednesday I styled those new white skinnies I bought two ways, just like so:

Day look:
Typical day running a million errands, taking kids to school, etc. etc. ad nauseum. I wore my new Everlane tee in stone, (above pic is gray, couldn't find a clean pic of the stone to use) which looks like is now called moss on the website. That name suits it better as it definitely has a more green hue than gray. I was a little dissapointed in the color when I received it, since I was expecting more of a gray. After wearing it, however, I have grown to really like the color. To accessorize, I threw on a geometric print scarf similar to the one I have shown, my trusty H&M tote (still in stores!), and AE sandals. These sandals are probably my favorite purchase of late. Love the way they look on.

Night Look:
I took in a comedy show at a local event center (If you see a show come through town called Women Fully Clothed, I highly recommend it!). I happened to pop through Target earlier in the day and impulse bought a top (shame on me!) to wear. I loved the cobalt blue and thought it would look so crisp and nice with the white. It was a tad chilly so I wore a cardigan over the top, unbuttoned with sleeves pushed up a bit. Finished it up with some tan wedges and a fun necklace. I actually brought my H&M tote along because I ran out of time for a purse transfer, but of course a clutch would add to that going out feel.

In other news, my desktop computer hard drive pooped out on me yesterday, but luckily I have a laptop as a backup. I whipped up this post on it, but it just doesn't feel the same. I'm definitely a creature of habit though, so I'm just curious: do you prefer a laptop or desktop? Trying to decide if I should fix the desktop or just start using my laptop instead. Any thoughts ladies? Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend!

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