For the Home: Cacti Crazy!

Lately I can't seem to get enough of cute little cacti. We have several of the real deal plants, but now I can't help but want a few kitschy little home items adorned with a cacti print. There isn't a whole lot out there, but I do think there will be more pickings soon since they seem to be trending. Here are a few cute pieces I came across whilst interweb hunting yesterday.

This is one of those trays made out of fabric, and I totally die over this little print. Isn't it the cutest? They also offer them in crib sheets(!), bed sheets and pillows. This little guy is super affordable though, and cute for holding a few trinkets on your nightstand. I would put my night lipbalm and hand cream there. Hmm, I think I just sold this to myself.

A cookie jar guys! A cookie jar! I don't even own a cookie jar, I really don't see the point, but this guy makes me reconsider. Maybe I could fill it up with tea bags instead. Sorry, but I'm not really a cookie fan. Unless it is a freshly baked chocolate chip. Then talk to me.

Have you ever played Loteria? It's like a Mexican Bingo game, with lots of fun illustrations. We have a set, and are particularly fond of "El Borracho" (the drunk guy) and "La Sirena" (the mermaid-which also happens to be my self-proclaimed poker nickname). This "El Nopal" is one of the illustrations from the game as well.

Another cute pillow I found on etsy. I love the bold black and white graphic on this one. I think it is best to keep the cacti decor on the modern side, to keep from looking too wild wild west. This would look great on a side chair or in the kids' room!

You can't beat this set of 3 little neon cuties. I would use these to decorate my office desk. We could all use a happy pick-me-up on our desk!

Anytime I get obsessed over a particular pattern, I hunt out an iPhone case for it. I think they are the perfect way to sport a funky little pattern. I've amassed quite the iPhone case collection.

Ok, so this is actually a salt plate for making Margaritas, which is adorable in itself, but I think I would rather use this as a ring/dainty jewelry tray. There is also a juicer that matches this to make up a set.

If nothing else, get yourself a real cacti friend to keep you company at home. They are around $5 for a small one at any nursery/home improvement store and are so easy to care for. Basically just leave them alone. I have one on my kitchen windowsill and she is the cutest. I named her Senorita Bonita.

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