Current Shopping Wish List

I think I've mentioned that haven't made many purchases this year as far as my wardrobe goes. We've been doing more things around the house (like finally getting new floors and a coffee table I've been lusting after for years from West Elm!) so I've been conservative on making frivolous buys. Let me tell you, from an emotional spender like me it is hard! The silver lining is that when I do make a few purchases for my wardrobe, they are more mindful and will last more than just one season. I don't seem to care about the trendy, throw-aways as much anymore. Does that mean I'm finally growing up?? Ahhh! Here are a few items that I wouldn't mind adding to my closet if the money arises....

Long live the racerback! It's my favorite look for spring and summer, I really like the way it accents the back.

Simple, but still statement making. This cuff is all you need all summer. Also loving the matching ring.

Great size, color, and I love the structured detailing.

Umm, duh. Where the party at??

I got it in my head that I need a linen scarf this year. But man, they are expensive! This one is reasonable, and I love the color combination of the stripes.

Aren't these the best? Super beachy vibe going on here and you know I love that.

Touted as the secret behind the Jcrew models' dewy complexions, these all natural cosmetics are the perfect addition to your spring beauty routine. Use the luminizer to highlight your cheekbones and under brows, use the Lip2Cheek for...well, your lips and cheeks. Super easy to pop in your purse for touch ups too.

What has been on your wish list lately? 

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