Modest Swimsuit Hunting

We've reached that inevitable time of year, with spring break vacations approaching and warm climate frolicking calling, it only means one thing: the return of swimsuits. (Dun, dun, dun!) You may remember I'm not a fan of swimsuits. I suppose I'm just crazy modest, because you will not find me prancing around in one. It's more like, shimmy up to the edge of the pool, quickly take off my cover-up and get under the water before anyone can get a good peek at me. Are you the same? If so, I've rounded up some cute, modest swimsuits for you below.

I really love the swimsuits seen on the ladies on the left. I ran across the image on pinterest and then google image searched them to find the source. Turns out they are Lolli swimsuits. There are some pretty skimpy ones from the brand, but I really love the high waist on these, and the fun cut-out detail, which makes it feel more like a two piece. Lolli Ta-Da One Piece.

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

(This is very similar to the one I own from DKNY. I have had it a few years and love it)

Check back soon for some cute swimsuit cover-ups!

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