Sunday Shopping v.2

Time for another case of the gimmies...this time with a decidedly spring/summer vibe. We are sunny and 70 here folks, so I can't help it!

I had not perused the H&M home offerings in a looong time, and holy cow, they have the mother lode of fun pillows! This baby is only $12.95, as are many others. A few other close favorites are this one, this one and this one.

Great with a simple tee or maxi dress.

Just get it for the name alone.

Slinky and sexy for summer.

The packaging really is what gets me. Inside is a pretty blend of four colors to give you a "radiant orchid" hued flush.

Cutie clear frames.

Such a pretty little piece with great detail.

A fun peach pair of comfy shorts to lounge in. Sure why not!

I am dyyying over this, I want it so bad, but alas no iPad. There is an iPhone case too, although it doesn't have as many of the cute articles. You have to go peep them out. 

So great for bopping around town on errands.

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