Sunday Shopping v.1

I haven't done a Sunday Shopping post in so long! Do you guys miss them? I'm going to bring them back this month because spring really brings out the gimmies in me. I want all of the things. Here are a few cuties I have my eye on this week.

I feel like we all need this since it is the month of love, right?

Simple and chic, will make a statement paired with any outfit.

I feel like they should have come up with a sexier name for these. So perf. And only a 3.15 inch heel, which seems like a rarity among the soaring stilettos of these days. 

These are so perfectly sweet for spring. And only $25!

I would get this monogrammed and use it as a clutch. The large comes in at under $30.

I'm obsessed with flouncy, long sleeve dresses lately. Sweet and sexy at the same time.

The up the ear look is in right now (not sure what the correct term for them is!), and I like this simple pair. At $5 you can't afford not to try them out!

Love the crochet lace pattern on this top.

A mini cube of these is a must! The dark purple would be great on toes and would pair perfectly with a mani in any of the other three shades.

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