Keep It Simple: Spring Style Inspirations

Usually by this time of year, I would have bought all the spring style magazines in order to keep up on the trends and start making mental notes of what I want to buy, or blog about. This year has been way different. I haven't bought any mags. Not a one. After my big closet clean out, and my realizations of returning to a simpler wardrobe, I have come to realize that the magazines just influence me to buy things that aren't really...me. Sure the trends are fun, and I still have a good idea of what they are this spring (through some kind of osmosis or intuitiveness, who knows!), but I don't feel compelled to buy into them. Literally and figuratively.   

So instead of trends this season I have a few ideas on the directions that I would like to take my wardrobe this spring. All while staying simple, stylish and true to myself. 

Vibe #1: Sporty

Ok, this is actually a trend this season, but it is a look I have always gravitated towards. I love sweatshirts and hoodies, boyfriend denim, stripes, and sneakers. All those really great sporty things. I'm sticking with it this season.

Vibe #2: White & Tan

I am very, very much drawn to classic pieces in white and tan. Essentially I think this will be my new gray and black of the winter months I just couldn't get enough of. Sorry color, you have pretty much been abandoned at this point. Save for my nails, where color is always welcome. 

Vibe #3: Easy Boho

Nothing new here that I tend to veer toward the boho side of things when the weather gets warm. I could browse the Free People website all day long. These gorgeous looks come from Mango and hot damn, I love them so much. A textured open cardigan over a tee and shorts. A gorgeous little crochet shift dress. It doesn't get more simple or chic than that!

What type of vibes are you going for this season? What is your stance on the trend bandwagon? I'd love to hear!

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