Just the Basics

Lately I've been feeling a little rebellion against my closet and wardrobe options. I mentioned before I cleaned out my closet, and I got rid of a ton of stuff. I'm talking at least five garbage bags full. I was just sick of it all, really. Too much. I was holding on to things for no good reason. When I ran across this quote, it really helped me to let it all go:

Pretty powerful right? After my big purge, I found myself left with bare basics. Gray tees. Perfectly fitting denim. My favorite nude flats. White sneaks. Black sweaters. Processing it all, and seeing what I had left, I felt...relief. Like this is what I have been craving all along. Simple, bare basics. It's a beautiful thing really.

My latest style inspirations that I have been pinning are along those lines, and offer ideas on how to do basics in a fresh way for spring.

I'm really loving the simplicity of these looks. The ease of mind they bring is refreshing. What are your thoughts?

Shop the basics:

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