My Favorite Purchases of 2013!

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the purchases I made in the past year that I really got a lot out of, and were my favorites I reached for again and again. As a busy mom, I gravitate towards things that are comfy, chic and help to elevate the everyday. All of the purchases below I highly recommend, and are all reasonably priced. Enjoy, and let me know some of your favorite purchases of the year  in the comments. What should we all be on the lookout for in 2014?

This is beyond comfy, and I love the gray and white leopard pattern. I throw it on when I get out of the shower while I do my hair and makeup, or when I am freezing sitting around the house, I put it on over my clothes and I feel like I am wearing a blanket. On clearance right now for $15!

I was on the lookout for a ballerina-esque style skirt that was black (no easy feat), and while this wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it ended up being one of my favorite skirts ever! The pleated chiffon is so fun and floaty (I made up a word), it glides along with you wherever you go. You can't help but sashay around like a dancer in this! The shimmery gold waistband adds the perfect touch of glimmer.

This is pure party in a nail polish bottle. I painted mine and my girls' nails in this for NYE, and even though we were sick and at home we felt super fancy and festive. The gold shimmer with blue glitter chunks has a celestial vibe that I of course love. Probably one of my fave polishes ever!

The perfect nude lipgloss for every skin tone. I am super pale skinned, so not many nudes look right on me, but this one is very flattering. It has great color saturation and coverage with just one coat, and lasts pretty well as far as glosses go. I can't believe I hadn't tried this brand of gloss before. I'm in love! I picked mine up at Ulta, but just recently noticed Target carries the line, because they know what's up.

They are not lying when they say you get an airbrush like finish with these brushes! I don't think I will ever go back to applying my liquid foundation with a sponge. You must try this!

I wore this an embarrassing amount of times this fall and winter. While it is a sweater/sweatshirt hybrid, I never felt frumpy in it. Great fit, great little saying, and you can't go wrong with a dark gray anything in my opinion. I wore this alone and with a puffer style vest over the top.

Lush Bath Products
2013 marked the year I officially became addicted to Lush products. We don't have a shop nearby, but while I was on vacation I stopped in the Carmel store and found some of the most divinely scented products I have ever come across. I walked out with: Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melts, a Butterball Bath Bomb, and a Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar. I used them all while we were in our little cabin in Big Sur, and made it a must, must, must that we go back and replenish my supply before we went home. You don't even want to know how much I spent there. But look how cute they are waiting for my next bath!

I saw this on Caitlin's home tour, and basically stalked my local Target until it became available. The rest is history.

Black and white polka dot polish for under $4? In the cart you go my friend. I loved this polish so much once putting it on-it looked like salt and pepper on my nails! So fun.

This was on my wish list for quite some time, and in September I bought it as my birthday present. It is such a unique watch, I get loads of compliments when I wear it. All my other poor little watches are long forgotten.

My new winter coat that I picked up for a steal ($35, and it's on sale for that online now too!!) over Black Friday weekend. This jacket is cut to perfection-it fits like it was tailor made and looks so much more expensive than it was. The navy color is fun and the perfect stray from the norm.

If I had to wear only one pair of jeans for the rest of my jean wearing days, it would be these. They fit me great, which is hard for a gal with a small waist but big hips and bootie such as myself. The denim doesn't get saggy after wearing it for awhile, and the wash is perfect to go with pretty much anything. I wear these all. the. time. And of course the price can't be beat!

I waxed poetic about these right here, and I will tell you again: best shampoo I have ever used in my life.

These are more for my girls than me, but if you suffer from serious tangling like we do, this brush is for you! It has drastically decreased the whining from my girls when I am brushing their hair after their showers. And that is worth it's weight in gold.

Super comfy, super easy to throw on, and gray leopard print. I'm starting to sense a theme in some of my favorite items! These are only $9.97 right now, with an additional 15% off!

I found my pair at Marshall's on clearance, and couldn't find them online, but they are a direct knock-off of this Vince Camuto pair. I have pretty much worn these all winter long. I finally forced myself to start wearing some of my other boots for a change. But I miss them every time I don't wear them. See them in action in this post.

I think I've mentioned before that I have serious under eye dark circles, no matter how much sleep I get. THis has been my favorite concealer for that so far. So far I have only tried drugstore brands, as I can't seem to get myself to splurge on a concealer. This one is super cheap and works amazingly well. Another win for NYX.

I believe I also saw this on Caitlin's home tour, and went out right away and bought it at my local Target. I hadn't bought a pillow in quite some time because nothing was "speaking to me", but this one was like "Yo, Jackie. I belong in your home!" and I listened to that crazy guy. He is now fitting in quite nicely with the rest of my decor. Crazy good quality for the price, too.

Just the best smelling candle out there. Period.

I'm kind of a slipper snob. I won't take any old slipper. It has to cover a good portion of my foot (cold feet syndrome) and of course must be warm, but also not too cumbersome. This one is perfect in every way, and cute to boot!

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