6 Cute Sneakers for the New Year!

In the market for some new sneakers? I love buying fresh workout clothes and a new pair of sneakers at the beginning of the year. It's not only a motivating time to do it (resolutions!), but also a smart time to do it because retailers have great selections and deals right now. I have been obsessing a bit over which pair of sneakers to buy this year, and have narrowed it down to about six Nike pairs. I have no idea which to choose! I am not a runner (bad knees...wow, how old does that make me sound?), so my sneaks don't get a ton of wear and tear. My typical workout is 30 minutes on the elliptical, and then about 30 minutes of weights. It seems like all the cool kids are wearing sneakers outside of the gym these days too, so I kept that in mind while picking out these options below. Do you have a favorite pair?

Love the charcoal/peach/white color trio on this shoe.

Olive leopard print! These are fun.

All black would be a more versatile choice.

Generally over chevron, but for some reason I like these.

Cute white with a pop of pink.

A mint swoosh!

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