Holiday Gift Guide: Kids!

Kids are just the best to buy for, because let's be honest- Christmas is the most magical to them and no one is as excited and appreciative about gifts as they are. I still remember Natalie's first Christmas, and how much more exciting it was, and how much fun I had picking out little gifts for her. For us, it is mainly all about the kids. My husband and I don't really exchange gifts, usually we just buy ourselves what we have wanted or take a trip together. So we rely pretty heavily on the gift giving and opening of presents of the girls to provide our Christmas magic.

When it comes to gifts for kids, I of course buy them a few things they have been wanting, but then also like to throw in several "mom approved" toys. Those that are educational in some way, aesthetically pleasing, or just too darn adorable to pass up. That is what I had in mind when creating the list below. Hopefully it gives you some unique ideas for the children in your life. And don't worry-there is still plenty of time to have items shipped to you in time for Christmas. Most online shops are offering free upgraded shipping or other deals to entice you to continue shopping up to the last minute (which is pretty much how I roll)!

This adorable Parisian doll wardrobe set opens up to reveal goodies such as working drawers, a mirror, hangers on a rack, and a doll with a handbag, scarf and stole. What little girl wouldn't love that!

I love to gift games to kids, and the further away from the usual suspects (CandyLand, Monopoly, etc.) the better! This game has kids match colors, use strategy and problem solve, which is another plus. Anything to get that noggin stimulated!

Super artsy looking wood blocks for the most discerning toddler ;)

An open ended toy that explores color values created by an educational and early childhood specialist? Sold.

This is something that, to my delight, my older daughter asked for this year. A 3d maze game that can be played solo or with the family. I think they are really pushing these this year, because I keep seeing them pop up here and there. I'll glady plop this under the tree!

Have you ever? This is so adorbs I can't even stand it. Little girls can play fairies or boys can play knomes. So fun!

I don't think I can stand another matching game with Disney princesses or Mickey Mouse. This 56 piece game with Marimekko patterns I can get behind, and might not be as agitated finding them all around the house.

It's the most fun in the world-it's a BALL! Under $10.

A parody on how (overly) connected we all are to technology-might give kids a little perspective!

Kids try to balance on this board with their feet, while getting the little ball through the maze. 3 interchangeable discs will make for hours (or at least 30 minutes?) of fun! An added bonus: helps improve coordination and motor skills.

I have an aspiring fashion designer on my hands (for now at least), so this year I have been on the lookout for gifts to develop that interest. This coloring book from Neiman Marcus is filled with over 50 iconic designers (Chanel, Lagerfeld, McQueen) with hundreds of illustrations of fashion and accessories to color. At $15, this is a great little gift.

Can't get over the charming illustrations in this book.

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