Style Simplicity: My Fall Go-Tos

As the years go by (I'm saying that instead of "as I get older" because I decided I'm not going to use that "I'm old" mind frame anymore-it's ridiculous, I'm only in my thirties, and I think these are going to be my best years yet. End rant.) not only am I realizing what works most for me style-wise, but also what I actually love to wear, and what makes it the most simple for me to get dressed in the morning. 

My style has really evolved into something fairly simple. I have a few key pieces that I like to stick to, and am not quite buying as much as I used to each new season. So here is what is working for me now, my fall go-tos: skinny jeans, still, although any jeans really; my rancher hat, a plaid button-up, comfy booties or flats, and a big faux leather tote. As it gets colder I'll be layering in oversize sweaters, a comfy jacket and maybe even a faux leather moto jacket if I'm feeling squirrely. 

I'd love to hear your take on the topic. Do you stick to a few go-tos each season and keep it at that? This has been such a realization for me over the past year: that less is more,and it doesn't make me any less fashionable than the next gal who seemingly wears a new outfit everyday and must have a whole room devoted to her wardrobe. This might have a lot to do with my lifestyle as a stay at home mom. I'm simplifying my friends. It's saving me time, money and honestly a little bit of my sanity. And I dig it.

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