It's A Must, Must, Must! (PS-I'm Back)

Hi guys! Call off the search party, because I'm back! I took a little break that turned out to be a little longer than planned, but every once in awhile I think it's good to step back and re-evaluate, re-configure, re-energize; you know, all those important "re-" things. I missed you terribly though, and I appreciate all your inquiries as to my whereabouts. It's nice to know that there are peeps like you out there who will gladly launch a missing persons campaign for you if needed.

So where are my fellow Parks and Rec fans? Did you see the Doppelganger episode? I don't think I have laughed so hard in a looong time with the whole April/Tynnyfer story line. Pretty much been saying "It's a must, must, must" non-stop about everything since then. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, I highly suggest you watch this, you can hit the 4:10 min mark for the exact reference, then the 8:24 spot for more hilarity). Bringing it on home, below are a few of my recent must, must musts as we move deeper into the fall and creep towards winter. Think cozy knits, plaids, camo, and boho baubles.

I live in oversize, blanket like cardigans in the winter. So easy to throw on and super warm and cozy. Most of the time I can forego a jacket when I wear one of these-one of the bonuses of living in California!

This would automatically upgrade any look!

My latest obsession is celestial inspired jewelry. I had a ring in high school with a moon on it that I wore constantly but eventually lost, and I wish upon a star I still had it *sad face with tear emoti* 

Have you seen all the great prints Toms has lately? It is nearly impossible to choose a favorite among the cheetah, camo, black jaquard, or grey embroidered! Gah!

I have this top and have been wearing it non-stop! It is a nice thick material (bordering on feeling canvas-like but super soft!) and have been wearing it unbuttoned over a vneck more often than not. On clearance now too! See it in action in this instagram.

I might have a knee socks problem. I can't get enough of them lately and want all. the. styles.

I love the subtle studded pattern on this bag-perfect for going from day to night! (Not to mention it is named after one of the best early 90's TV characters of all time)

I picture throwing this vest over every darn thing in the winter time. So cute!

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