Deep In The Forest {Green}

It never fails that I find a new color to obsess over each season, and for this fall/winter it has ended up being forest green. Last year I was all about the burgundy, and went a bit hog wild buying all the burgundy things. Now I have my sights set on this subdued deep green shade. From outerwear, to accessories, to cozy knits, to your fingertips, all of these green beauties will make a fun addition to your wardrobe. Bonus: none are over $100!

A perfectly cute topper to your ensemble.

Love the malachite-esque print on this necklace. Pairs perfectly with both formal and informal wear.

With a fun name like that, who can resist? 

Throw on when you are heading out the door on those chilly mornings to nip that frost in the bud!

This looks so cozy, I want to wrap myself up in this and curl up with a good book!

Here's another great necklace that could be so versatile this season.

These are all the rage right now-there have been loads of celebrities seen toting these around town, so of course all of us regular folk now want to get our hands on them. Although, it is not without good reason- these environmentally friendly bottles are made of lightweight glass (not easy to come by) with a smooth silicone coating in myriad colors for easy grip! And under $30 to boot! Sign me up.

Um, too cute. Plus, if there is a sweatshirt that isn't tied down at the store these days, it comes home with me. 

This just oozes good holiday vibes. You probably need this to wear when you go cut down your Christmas tree. Just sayin.

Just for fun.

No matter what your current color obsession is, you can count on Kate Spade to have a pair of studs for you! Classic and a no-brainer to add to your jewelry collection.

So what do you think? Are you crushing on forest green like I am? What other colors do you have your eye on this season? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me!

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