Sweet Obsessions: The Rancher Hat

You guys, I have a problem. A compulsion. An obsession if you will. I keep pinning images of cool girls in hats. Yeah, I know some problem right? It started off innocently enough, re-pinning a cute gal in a hat and thinking "oh gee, this would be cute for fall." Then I saw another cute gal and re-pinned that, and then another and another and...well you know how it goes. So where the problem comes in is that I feel like I might very well look ridiculous in them. Any time I try to wear one my husband looks around like "who let this lady out of the loony bin?" (Am I loony just for calling it the loony bin?) My kids look at me quizzically and ask me why I am playing dress up. What is up with that? Haven't these people ever seen a cool girl in a hat before?? And yes, I am fully aware that my peeps think I am about as un-cool as they get, hence not being able to pull off the hat. But I can't resist the urge guys. The urge to wear. that. hat. What are your thoughts? Do you wear things that you love, even though you may not look as "cool" in it as you had hoped?

So these chicks know how to rock good hat. I need to take some lessons from them. Maybe it is all in the attitude? Like "Yeah, I've got a hat on my head, what are you gonna do about it?" I found the cutest one at Target the other day, and I am not going to lie, I try it on every time I am in there. Should I just buy the damn thing already? I think I might.

P.S.- In case you couldn't tell, I was going for the world record of the most times the word "hat" was used in a blog post.

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