Ponte Leggings 3 Ways!

So, we all like leggings right? What is not to like when it feels like you are walking around in jammies all day? If there is anything you should have picked up about me on this blog, it's that  if I could get away with wearing my jammies all day long that would be heaven on earth. Honestly, that is what makes an entire day at home sound so very appealing. I just bought this set of jammies too, so I'm looking forward to a good 24 hr. veg session pretty soon. Anyway, did I get off course? Main point: leggings. We like them. Let's style them.

Ok, so let's just get this out of the way up front: whatever you wear on top MUST be longer than your butt/hip/thigh area. Seriously, I do not want to see your tushie if you are wearing leggings. Save that for yoga class. So here I paired a long oxford and layered it with a cozy sweatshirt. Pairing it with a printed purse and wedge booties adds interest.

I looove this look, it reminds me of an artsy intellectual, which let's be honest, it would be fun to play that part, amirite? (Pretty sure an artsy intellectual wouldn't use amirite) A BIG comfy oversize sweater in fun asymmetrical color block paired with silver tassel loafs and clear framed glasses. Yes!

Here's our sexy date night look, because we all live for those. Keeping it monochromatic with a black cable knit sweater up top, and adding just a pop of cobalt in the heels makes it night time appropriate. Gold accessories like the bold ring and lion and chain detailing on the purse glam the look up.

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